I lost my 3 month old kitten on the 14th of this month. She was a bottle feed kitten. I found her and couldn't find her mother. I woke up on the 14th to find her with a head injury. I don't know what happened. As soon as I saw she was hurt I put her in the car and took her to to vet. I was crying and praying on my way to the vet. They took her to the back, and not long after that a vet assistant came in the room and told me that she had heart is so broken. We buried her under a tree in my front yard. Saturday when i was going outside to get in my car, I noticed a butterfly flying around her grave and the tree just flying around it about 4 times, and then the butterfly came close to me. I just wonder if that was a sign telling me that she's ok.
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Dear Jojo2019.

I am so sorry to learn of your loss of the kitten you so kindly took in and tried to save. I am glad that for a time, it received gentle care, comfort, safety, affection, compassion and empathy. Thank you for doing what you did and for sharing some of the kitten's story and that cute photo image.

I attempted to rescue a kitten last Winter. I named it "KONA" as it was born in an abandoned speed boat behind my office that was from Hawaii. It passed away unfortunately a few days later from exposure and "Fading Kitten Syndrome" which I did not even know existed.

I am currently fostering "KONA's" brother "KID", who was born a few months ago at a different time "that KONA." "KID" was attacked by something which bit the back of his neck and rear, left hind quarters. It may have been a coyote, as KID's feral Mother ("Mom-Cat" who was known for having only single 1 kitten in her litters), his feral Father ("Blackie") and his best, older friend "Cherry" were all attacked and taken by coyotes in our neighborhood here. I took "KID" to the Vet and he appears to be doing better. He has been living in my office for 6 weeks this coming Friday. I named him "KID" as he is young and has a little black mustache like Charlie Chaplin. So I named him after Chaplin's classic silent movie "THE KID."

It was admirable that you provided the kitten with a home for the time that you did and took it to the Vet's. These poor little babies deserve much better. They are so tiny and so vulnerable and they need looking after. They need a friend. I had not planned on ever having another cat in my lifetime, but KID and my paths crossed and I simply could not turn my eyes away from him, or turn my back on him, when he cried out to me repeatedly as I walked by the abandoned house he was living in front of.

One of my fondest memories of my cat Marmalade (who was also a rescue and who I lost 3 months ago to euthanasia), was when I took him outside for a walk (he was more like a dog than a cat) and a large Monarch butterfly landed on his forehead and flapped its wings. Marmalade was so mellow and kind he just allowed the butterfly to do so for awhile. I (and other members here) have seen butterfly's since our beloved's passed on and we believe butterfly's are "signs."

May God bless & keep you.

My sincerest condolences & kindest regards,
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I am so sorry that you are heartbroken over the loss of your precious kitten.  You were just getting her started in life when she was taken from you.  I think the butterfly is a definite sign since it was so specific in circling her grave and then coming to you.  I hope that this sign from her gives you some comfort as you continue to grieve over her death.
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