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Awwww Happiest of Birthdays to you Bella, you are the Star of the day!!! and loved so much by your Mom and Dad!! Don, your words are so amazing to your lil' girl and the pictures are so precious, love the lil' tongue of Bella sticking out and the :43 second video of Bella licking away at her Ice Cream.  She knows how much overwhelming love she has for you and I sure hope she comes for a visit too....thank you for your kind words to all of us Friends on this Forum and yes, each day does get a tiny bit softer than the last. Thank you and Vera for being the kindest of people and wishing your girl Bella a day filled with happiness, playing, good food, fun in the sun and sleeping and meeting new friends.

Have a blessed day Don and again Happy Birthday sweet Bella!!!

your friend Cam


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 Happy Birthday Bella!
Don- I cant believe  another year has passed, 23! Your little girl remains an inspiration to us all, thank you once again for sharing her with us.
Boy does she look comfy handing under the disney inspired and Vera were the best dad and mom possible , you were destined to share your lives with each other. Bella hears you and feels the love, of that there can be no doubt!

Your friend always
Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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The happiest of birthdays to the sweetest, feistiest, spunkiest little ball of fur and fun ever! 23 years! My goodness Bella. You have packed enough love and laughter to fill 10 times that number.

Happy birthday little girl. I hope you are enjoying a fantastic birthday feast with my Norman and all your other friends on the bridge. 

Don - your message to your little girl was so lovely. I have absolutely no doubt that she knows how very loved she is. And it is just like you to have a kind thought for your forum friends in your message to Bel. You are a wonderful person. You were lucky to find Bella and she was equally lucky to find you.

Thinking of you today, my friend! 

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Happy 23rd Birthday Bella!! 💝 I can only imagine the celebration going on over the bridge today!!
I picked out this cake especially for you sweet girl!  I hope you enjoy it!!  
Bailey will no doubt want to help out by sharing some 😉 with you and all of your friends!   Don’t forget to have some ice cream too ~ maybe one of those cones you enjoy so much. Enjoy your special day Bella!!!!💓 xo
Hi Don, 
Your post to your little girl is beautiful!!!  I’m sure that she is so very proud knowing how she is spoken about with such love! I know that this day is one of mixed emotions; the sadness of not being able to spend it with her and yet so many wonderful memories of birthday celebrations you shared together.  I love how you baked her birthday cupcakes and if she ate them both at breakfast time you would go back to the store and get more ingredients so she could still have one with dinner!  She was truly loved.  I believe that is why she was able to overcome so much so that she could stay as long as possible with her human dad and mom! 
Sending my very best wishes and hugs to you and Vera!  I hope that all of the happy memories filled your hearts today and brought you both many smiles.
Hugs my friend,
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The very most precious Bella! Amazing girl and so beautiful!

I never cease to be amazed at the love you all share. I know fond, fond memories were rekindled on her birthday. The missing is tough, though, every day. 

Thanks for sharing these sweet photos and videos, Don. Best always to you and Vera. Thinking of you both and your little treasured one with much warmth and care!
-Missing Marissa deeply
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Oh Don & Vera~  

I cannot believe the Amazing, Awesome, Smartest, Brave & Beautiful Bella has her 23rd Birthday today !!! Thank you MJ! I missed the early news today so will need to watch the news tonite. Surely it will be the first story :-)  Bella is and always will be the star of the show! Such intelligence, talent, spunk & personality all packed into her mighty 3 pounds! Thank you for your thoughtfulness on Lucy's thread...and your generosity to everyone here...especially as Bella's birthday was approaching. And thank you for sharing Bella with all of us. Seeing her pictures & videos, & hearing your stories is so very special. I truly feel like I know your girl. She's G-R-E-A-T!!! So I truly believe that she absolutely hears your words, messages, & knows how much you love her & miss her. She loves you right back! The love you share is forever & ever.

But on special dates, like birthdays, it can bring emotions to the surface because you miss her so. It could be a quiet thought or a daydream...a special wish where you close your eyes, then open them & then Bella is right there with you! If only it could be. Even though you can't hold her in your really are holding your hearts. Your love is eternal. Bella definitely loves the messages & the celebration today. We are all members of Bella's worldwide fan club. And she has her fans & her Rainbow Bridge friends who always follow her lead. She's the leader every day, most especially on her 23rd Bday! I wish you a new Bella sign, or a poke, or that 'moment' when you know, you just do, that Bella just gave you a hug. Tonite, I toast her with my Rooibos tea (it's getting late). Maybe tomorrow, with an icy, cold beer, I will definitely toast Bella!  'Arriba, Abujo, Al Dentro, Al Centro'...I think it means 'Down the Hatch'. And I will look up into the blue sky...knowing that your Bella is cheering you Don & Vera, how much you love her because she feels the same way. Bella loves you so much!!!

Big 'bug hugs' from Daisy Clover & me,
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 Happy Birthday Bella!  

Dear Don,
I hope your beautiful girl has had a lovely 23rd birthday at a Rainbow Bridge with my Bella, and all of their friends.
Although a birthday is a celebration, it is also a reminder of the emptiness we feel in our hearts. Hold onto the memories of your precious girl and smile when you think of her. She was a blessing in your life and made every day richer just by being there.
Take care, my friend.
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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Hi Don,  sending a huge Happy 23rd Birthday to the beautiful Bella!  I can just picture the wonderful party that she and all her friends will have enjoyed ( and I can bet its still going on!)...   There will have been the biggest of birthday cakes, plus treats galore - and of course, all finished off with plenty of fun and games!   But one thing I am absolutely certain of is that Bella will have made a very special visit to her wonderful dad on her special day - our babies are never too far away from us, especially on such important days as a little girls birthday!  Brian and I will be sure to raise a glass to Bella this evening, and please know that she is always in our thoughts - and I just hope that Jim has not been teaching her any of his stinky tricks...!!! Take care Don, say hi to Vera from us, and thank you for sharing those beautiful photo's of Little Girl...         Your friends, Jackie and Brian xx     20200714_150549.jpg  20200714_150712.jpg 
J Taylor
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Sending warm & loving happy 23rd birthday wishes to your beautiful baby girl "Bella". I have loved reading your stories about her & looking at the wonderful pictures that you have shared with us on here. I hope your Bella & my Chihuahua Daisy are playing together over the bridge. It is going to be 1 year for me next month. Daisy loved a little bit of cake every now and then & I hope that they are eating all the cake that their little Chihuahua belly's can handle to celebrate Bella's birthday..I like to think that they are all celebrating together...your memories of Bella are so incredibly special..

Daisy's mummy 
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A Special Day


Another Birthday is now,

It is Miss B’s, and wow-

Twenty-three, how can this be?

She is pup still, just look and see!


Games afoot, surprises and such

The Rainbow Bridge is rocking so much.

So many friends come to jump and touch

A birthday cake mountain of treats to grab and clutch.


Tons of ice cream with lots of swirls,

A favorite of this special girl.

A special day filled with balloons of ribbon twirls

For Bella is indeed a precious pearl.


Barks, meows, twitters and tweets,

Skies filled with sounds as friends all meet

Every fur meets every fur, a day filled with greets,

For it is the day of the Divine Miss B - who is always so sweet.


May the heavens be filled with love

May the silky threads between hearts be carried by the doves,

For a day so special as this, when friends fit together like gloves

Is cause for a celebration down here and up above.




Bella and Don, please forgive my lateness in posting this HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Bella!  It has been a hectic, chaotic and stressful three weeks!


Sending many hugs.


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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY BELLA!!  I am so sorry this is late, please forgive me.  I know you had fun on your birthday with all your friends.  I just hope Scooter didn't eat all the cake, but I know you would put him in his place. 
Don, what a beautiful tribute to Bella on her 23rd birthday.  I have always enjoyed reading your stories and sharing pictures of her.  I know you still miss her. 
You have gotten me through a lot of bad times and I want to thank you for being a friend.. Sounds like the Golden Girls theme... Lol
I did respond to your post on Scooter's thread. 
Take care my friend, 
Jonancy.. Scooter's Mama
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Thank you everyone for the wonderful and touching birthday wishes for Bella, I so truly appreciate each of you for taking the time to honour our little girl. I am a little overwhelmed with the generous thoughts, pictures and touching words, and the poem by Cody is so amazing, you each touched my heart with your thoughtfulness, thank you for being such wonderful people that I dearly and proudly call my friends.
Vera recently had ankle surgery so I have been busy tending to her, like a good prizefighter, I answer the bell when it rings…..whose idea was it to give Vera a bell…..Heather, I’m pretty sure it was your vote that put that bell in her hand, lol. 
As soon as I get some time I will write to each of you, thank you again for your truly wonderful words on little girl’s special day.
Stay safe everyone, I will write soon, Don
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Hi Don,  I’m just catching up with a few posts, and I’m so sorry I’m late to honor Bella’s very special 23rd birthday.  A little beagle told me there was a big celebration at the bridge with every treat you can imagine, and rides in the little red sports car for everyone.  I’m sure they paid you a visit, and I hope Bella had lots of tim to spend with you and Vera.

Happy, Happy Birthday sweet Bella, and we hope your year is filled with love and all the fun you can imagine.

Your friends, Dawn, Randy and Molly xoxo

Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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Don, I haven't been on the forum in ages it seems.  I have missed some important milestones along with precious photos and stories.  Despite this, my heart continually absorbs the significance and love of our pups, Bella, Teddy, others and forever will.  Thank you for the precious post you left in honor of my Teddy.  I'm forever grateful to and for you.  Sara
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