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Don and Bella,

Five years an angel - watching, listening, drooping in for a visit now and again…Grief does indeed make time fly by and also stand still…Don, my thoughts and heart is with you on this day…These are the bittersweet moments we embrace and yet also dread - So lucky and thankful for sharing a life together, but so hurt, so empty that those with paws’ lives are far too short… Your Bella is the epitome of all that is ‘good’ with life, all that is ‘right’ and all that is safe, secure and important.  Companionship without ‘strings’ - pure, innocent companionship based upon pure, complete acceptance and love between you and her.  She indeed is your angel and always was your Divine Little One.  Those then ‘not-so-special’ moments spent together are today the precious and priceless memories of a time when we were different…Different because of that so special, unique and tuned into us fur one that carried our lives, our souls within their paws without them even knowing it.  May you always feel the touch of her paw upon your arm, may you always hear the ‘tap’ of toes on the floor, may you always feel the warmth of her little 3lb. body as she lies next to you watching tv, may you always have a painting supervisor within arm’s reach and may each breeze whisper “Bella’ as it softly touches your face.  May clouds be filled with Bella’s tracks as she runs like the wind, tongue out, smile wide as she turns her head back to say ‘catch me if you can Dad, this is so much fun’!  Never to run so far away as not to find her way back home.  Her candles burn brightly as does her personality and her love for you.  The bond is never broken, you always were and always will be her ‘mission’…There will be a day when Bella takes that money out of her hoodie pocket and buys you an ice cream!  

Thinking of you, Vera and Bella on this day especially.  (Found this online and hoped it was an appropriate sentiment to encapsulate the feelings and the bond between you and Bella)





Divine Miss B - borrowed words but perhaps words your special dad and mom are feeling.  You have touched so many hearts - You are indeed an inspiration…Play, run, and keep all our fur angels in ‘line’ will You?  Make sure there are adventures galore and treats abound…that there are secret ‘spy’ missions; apple trees to eat from; sandy beaches to walk along; snuffing, look-it-ing and such, ice cream parlours to stop at, fields of green to run in, pets galore and coconut waters for all!  You are indeed the “feisty, divine Miss B!


Sending many hugs and thoughts 

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I have been reading your posts and looking at photos of your beautiful Bella & I wanted to say that they & your artwork are inspirational. I loved how she would sit on the stool waiting for her treats & loved her pink hoodie. I had a Chihuahua too "Daisy" but sadly lost her in August 2019 to kidney failure. She became a shadow of her former self. She was 15. Daisy had some lovely little coats & jumpers too, she was a shortcoat & i used to put one on her in the colder seasons. They are magnificent little dogs & my favourite breed. Thankyou for sharing your story about your beloved Bella and those beautiful pictures of her. They made me smile and stopped my tears as I was remembering my baby.

Angelina ( Daisy's mummy)
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Hi Vera and Don, I know today is a very sad day ,the day little Bella went to heaven. hope she sent you lots of signs today.. Can't believe she picked out all the winning horses. She was such a party animal... This new forum is making me crazy. I sent a message but don't know where that went. I am trying this now.  Happy Angelversary in Heaven  Bella..xoxox  Your friend always Tina  xoxo                                           bd8bc9456689dc9991745e1ec6057f2f.jpg 1884324318-gaga-1.jpg 997264309-323c2d85e9e143894e1a8b9c54bdd4ad.jpg 
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My dear friend Don,

I just loved the story about the horses. I'm not surprised that Bella knew exactly how to place bets. Her smarts know no bounds. She's funny and bright rolled into a tiny package of awesomeness.

I can't believe it's been five years! Your love for her grows stronger every day, and she is so lucky to have such a big piece of your very kind heart. <3 Every time I drink a bellini I raise a toast to your little girl. Truly one of a kind, and you were both so blessed to have found each other. I'm so glad she continues to bring you luck to this day. 

I haven't seen this photo before, but I just love it. She looks so content and pleased with herself. What a sweet little girl.

Bella's pouch.jpg 

Thinking of you and Vera on this bittersweet anniversary. Thank you for your friendship and for bringing a much-needed smile to all our faces with another Bella tale during these tough times we're all facing. 

I am so lucky to have one of your portraits in my home of my sweet boy Norm. You are as talented as you are kind.

Stay well my friend,
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Dearest Don,
Thank-you for sharing yet another inspirational Bella adventure,I loved it! and for posting her photos, it is so hard to pick one favorite, all tug at my heartstrings and brighten my day. I understand the missing and the incredulity of how can  it possibly be 5 years that have gone by without her here with you.  But your bond with Bella is so extraordinarily strong & special, all that love and light will continue to lift you up, sustain you during the tougher times. I truly believe this.

 Please know I'm always here for you Don, as you have been for me through the most difficult days of my life. 
 Most people we encounter,  other then our friends here on the bridge ,cannot comprehend how much these special beings meant to us, what they brought to our lives, how their passing from this world impacted and changed us forever . but we are the lucky ones , to have been so blessed to have known such love ..even though the time with them in this realm was way too short..forever and a day wouldn't have been enough with them.

 This is truly a surreal and extremely stressful time,  please stay safe and "Bella Strong" !!!

In Sincerest Friendship,
Bee- "Good night sweet prince & flights of angels see thee to thy rest"
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Dear Don & Vera,

Thinking of you both and of course your beautiful Bella today on her 5 year Angelversary. ❤️

I know that this day in particular brings such mixed emotions; so many beautiful memories to warm your hearts but also that ache that comes with wanting so much to see our beloved companions just one more time even for the briefest of moments. 

I love that you chose to honour the day with another wonderful Bella story!  It is funny to imagine what those horses were thinking when she barked and so interesting how she knew exactly which horse to bet on and how she was right each and every time!  Such an amazing spirit!  Her spirit lives on here Don.  We have all come to know and love your Bella through all of the wonderful stories and videos and paintings you’ve shared. 

I know that Bella is so proud, not only of how you’ve portrayed her with such tenderness and love, but also in how you have always reached out to help others who are struggling with their losses and offer such kindness and support.  I so appreciate your friendship and support over the years and it really has helped to soften the loss for me ~ so thank you!

It was so nice to chat tonight and just let you know that I am thinking of you and Vera and remembering your beautiful Bella!  Wishing you both comfort and peace always.

She has paw prints on all of our hearts! 💕💕

Your friend always, 
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Oh Don & Vera~  I am sorry to have missed Bella's 5 year anniversary. Thank you again MJ! I should have remembered because yesterday was Daisy Clover's 4th Bday! She's exhausted from too much play & treats! I so wish you could still have your amazing girl with you to smother with play & treats & most of all love. But as everyone sharing your Bella with all of keeps her ever closer to your heart & now we all got to meet her too. And as Charlie wrote, we are so fortunate that you came to the RB forum. You helped me so very much in those early days when I was barely 'existing' without my Lucy. You understood too well because you were missing Bella so much. She really was the best friend anyone could inspiration!!! Bella was your partner in fun and as you wrote, she 'got you up & out of bed', painting, making fun & life adventures. 'Bella the Great' was & still is the very best example of true & endearing love.

Thank you for sharing another awesome story. What a great day @the races! I hope you continue to feel Bella's love wrapped around you. Time's impossible to measure but anniversaries can be a time of reflection, where we allow ourselves to travel back & to feel the deep pain even though it hurts & is so sad. But with that comes the joy & the love 🙂 And I hope you'll get those special Bella 'pokes' & signs just to give your heart a hug! Thank you for all that you have given to me & to everyone here. You're very gifted & giving! Bella chose wisely :-)  My very best to you & Vera & your family.

Big 'bug hugs from Daisy & me,
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Hi Don
Sorry I am late with Bella's five year angelversary.  I know how much you miss her.  Your stories have always touched my heart.  I can't believe it's been five years since I met you, I know that is something that I will always cherish.  Our furbabies and their adventure stories always brought a smile when I needed it the most.  I love this story, Bella always knows what's best for her Daddy.  
Bella have fun running with your friends, I know Scooter is running right next to you.
Take care my friend,
Jonancy... Scooter's mama
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To my dear friends, thank you for your lovely and comforting words of support for Bella’s five years, I apologize for not having written to each of you as of yet, it has been a very trying, difficult and hectic couple of weeks, I will catch up with each of you throughout this week, I send my most positive thoughts your way during these scary and ever changing times, be safe and I will catch up soon.
Thank you again for your wonderful words of support, your friend always, Don
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Hi Don - I`ve finally found you on here!  Thank you so much for your lovely email, and I hope this finds you and Vera well - so much madness in the world right now..   Our niece is a nurse in one of our largest hospitals here in the UK, and unfortunately has tested positive for covid19 - so things have been very hectic and worrying family wise.      It goes without saying I am so annoyed with myself for missing Bella`s 5 years at the Bridge  -  I know just how much you miss that beautiful little girl, she certainly has a huge personality that shines through in all your stories about her ( and how I loved reading about the day at the races!),  that brought a smile!   She really was the very meaning of "Mans best friend" - our babies gave us such joy and happiness, something we could all do with right now,  but what we do have is so many beautiful memories that we can look back on again and again...      Thank you Don, for letting us get to know Bella - and for being such a fantastic friend to our forum family.  Please take care and stay safe - and pass my very best wishes to Vera...

                                                                               Your friend always,    Jackie and Brian xxx
J Taylor
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Hello Don, you just keep amazing me, I swear, you never miss a date, lol. Also, all those little pictures you post, like the blue bell ice cream pic, you are the king of tiny pictures, lol. Thank you for your wonderfully kind words and thoughtfulness, you brought some cheer into my life on her birthday, it was nice. I hope you and Vera are being safe, it is some crazy times we are going through. But, we always have that love to fall back on that our little angels gave to us, even in the worse times they are there. I know Bella did all the planning for the big party, she is good at those types of things and she can get all those 'boys' in line. I would give anything to see her and China 'running like the wind', before they stuffed their bellies with goodies, lol. Thank you Don, you are always so kind and such a good friend. We are doing well, just staying indoors and managing the stress. Blessings to you and Vera and the sweet little Bella, take care.

your friends, Charlie and Deborah
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Hi Don, its been awhile for me, I am trying to get used to the new style of this website.....and with all going on with this Pandemic across the world/countries.  Sorry I missed your 5 years of Bella.  I know you and Vera still celebrate on your Sundays with your baby girl Bella and want to thank you for all the support thru the years.

Have a blessed day!! to you and Vera and baby Bella xo


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Hi Don, just popping by to say hello, and that you, Vera and of course the beautiful little Bella are often in my thoughts...   I have tried emailing you a couple of times, but for whatever reason they seem to send, only to come back as a "draft"!   I`ve told MJ I`m going to send a letter instead as I still have your address from when we sent a postcard from our trip to Scotland 2 years ago..    I hope happy memories of little girl are helping you both through these awful times we are all going through right now - I know I`ve often thought of what a comfort Jim would have been, he always had an uncanny knack of knowing when we needed cheering up and could always bring a smile no matter what was going on around us!    Though I only have to remember some of his escapades ( rolling around inside that old goat carcass on the beach springs to mind!), and he is still able to make us laugh out loud!!   They may not physically be here with us, but Jim and Bella live on forever in our hearts and minds...     

                                                             Sending big hugs,  your friend Jackie xx
J Taylor
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