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Hi Don
On this Thanksgiving, I want to let you know how very thankful I am for all your support, pictures but especially your friendship. I couldn't have made it without you! I may not write hardly anymore, but you are always in my thoughts. Scooter's picture still makes me smile every time I see it, which is several times a day.
I told Scooter not to each too much turkey, so hopefully he is sharing with Bella.

Take care my friend,
Jonancy... Scooter's Mama
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Hi Don,  We‘ve had family in town and storms to juggle for travel, so I’m so sorry I haven’t had a chance to get back to everyone for a Molly’s birthday wishes.  I know Bella had a big bash with all the gang....Molly shared all the details in my heart when she was here for Thanksgiving.  We’re so blessed to have the girls in our lives forever and ever.

Wishing you, Vera and Bella a beautiful holiday season with lots of warm hugs from our family to yours,

Your friends, Dawn, Randy and Molly xxx
Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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Hi Don, just popping by to say a huge thank you for your lovely post on Jim`s 4 years at the Bridge.  Although we did have a few sad moments on Friday, we did try and focus on all the good times we shared with him - and yes, that infamous rolling around inside that stinky goats carcass washed up on the beach brought a smile...!!     Hoping you and Vera are well, and that you are both looking forward to Christmas - we are having quite mild weather here at the moment, so hopefully it will stay that way - I`m getting too old to be slipping and sliding around in the snow and ice...      I`m betting you will have lots of Bella signs during the next few weeks - I think our fur angels find ways of letting us know they are never too far away... and Little Girl is sure to visit her wonderful Dad!     Wishing both you and Vera a Very Happy Christmas - with many hugs from me and Brian...

                                                                                                      Your friends, Jackie, Brian and Jim xx
J Taylor
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Thank you Don for stopping by Brownies 1 year, sorry it took a bit, but i do thank you for Posting Brownies most Handsome Boy photo, and a Golden Pineapple! I hope your precious Bella is close to you this Christmas, the pain is back every year, i feel it strong again. I hope you find Peace and Joy this Christmas . Thank you Jessica and Brownie
My boy, Brownie
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Hi Don,

Stopping by to wish you and your family a peaceful holiday season. Your feisty but sweet Bella may not be physically present on this earth, but I’ve no doubt her loving spirit watches over you wherever you go. You and Bella will forever be a team. I recall that you have written that they take a piece of our hearts with them when they have to leave, but remember always Don, they leave a piece of theirs with us.

Many hugs to you and Vera,
your friend,
Peanut’s Mom
"Sometimes even the smallest things can take up the most room in your heart"
-Winnie the Pooh

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Just wanted to wish you and Vera a wonderful Christmas.  May it be filled with not only those oh so precious and bittersweet memories but with the clear presence of your divine little girl - Miss B.  As Peanut's Mom said - you two are a forever team...the bond is so strong, so close and so loving it is eternal.  She will be there for sure - for of course she is the official 'taste tester' of all things good from the kitchen...and there must be a cool and refreshing bowl of coconut water to cleanse that palate after each bite.  May you see your special girl within the clouds, within the stars and feel the warmth of her love in the sunshine.  May you feel that slight pressure as she lays beside you and may you catch a slight glimmer of her as she runs down the hallway looking to play.  May your dreams be Bella ones and may you always hear her little sigh of contentment as she settles in for the night.  
Wishing you, Vera and Bella a Merry Christmas.
Many hugs always

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Hi Don
Merry Christmas to you and Vera!
I always think of Bella and Scooter traveling together, all the cute stories you would send me about the two of them,. I still think you could write a children's book about them. You are a true friend who I will always feel honored knowing,. You have helped so many to get through this. Scooter's picture is admired everyday.
Sorry I didn't get back to you after your beautiful Thanksgiving message you sent. As usual, there's always something going on here with mine of John's health.
Hope you have a wonderful day. I know Bella and Scooter are watching over us.
Take care my friend,
Jonancy...Scooter's Mama
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Hi Don,
Thank you for your beautiful post for Bailey’s 20th birthday!! I so enjoyed reading your sweet message to Bails and I’m quite certain that he did get his hug from Little Girl yesterday!
Where DO you find these perfect pictures Don?? I had to show them to my husband and he loved them as well! I know I’ve said this before but I feel that in the midst of such a devastating loss we’ve all been so fortunate to find this place and form such wonderful connections and friendships with such amazing people who understand us so well! I am so grateful. ❤️
I hope that your warm weather has returned Don. It’s so cold here today .. I’ve started the countdown to spring already!!
Sending hugs to you and Vera and hoping that your beautiful Bella will be by soon to let you know that she is always with you! 🐶⭐️
Your friend always,
Charlie says thanks for the reminder of belly rubs! He’s come to love them so much. My husband is just home and Charlie says it’s play time for us all! Lol! Chat soon!
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The Divine Miss B is with you always...she is beside you with each brush stroke, each step and each heart beat.  Never doubt that quick 'waft' of air is your sweet girl running like the wind to see her special Dad.  Many hugs and thoughts sent.
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Hi Don, i was checking out this newly designed forum, and what do i see, but your original post of Bella....had to chime in and hope you and Vera are doing well and enjoying your Funday Sunday, celebrating your Bella.....thanks thru the years for your amazing support and the kindest of words for Jemma, Munki and Daizy.....I feel them with me all the time and may you have your many visits from your sweet Bella, a beautiful girl with wonderful parents............xo  Your friend, Cam


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Wednesday, April 15th will be five years to the day since Bella had to leave this realm, not a single moment of any of those days has Bella not been the forefront of my thoughts, there will forever be that emptiness in our home and especially in my heart and life without her here.
As many of you know I use this thread, Bella’s "My Inspiration" thread to share the fun stories and adventures that Bella provided us over her almost 18 years, with all that is going on in this world today, I thought we could all use a distraction and maybe even a little chuckle with a new “Bella Story”. 
I sincerely hope this message finds everyone safe, and I hope this Bella story helps bring a much needed smile to your faces.
We used to have live horse racing here, known as harness racing, one time I decided to take Bella with me to watch the horses race. When we would drive around downtown, Bella loved to bark at the horses that pulled the carriages, I always wonder what she thought they were and what exactly it was she was saying to them as Bella rarely barked, but oh man did she ever lose it when she saw those horses, it always made me laugh to see and hear her bark like that, mostly because she rarely ever barked, so I did have some concerns taking her to the horse races, but took the chance anyways.
We arrived there, I sat off to the side rather than in the middle where most people like to sit so they can see the finish line, but what I didn’t realize about our seat was that the seats were beside the area where the horses came out to the track, so each race every horse would walk beside our seating area. The first race the horses walked by, Bella is in her house/carrier with the front flap/door open, she watches as the horses walk by, comes out of her house a little bit and then barks at this one horse and goes back into her house, I thought this was strange that she only barked at the one horse, but I was more relieved she didn’t go on a barking spree with all the horses, so I’m happy. I go place my bets, no winners. The next race the same thing, Bella only barks at one horse, this is strange, so I take note of that horse's number and sure enough, that horse wins the race, I laughed. 
Next race again she barks at only one horse as they walk by...I again take note of the number and sure enough that horse wins it's race....ok, this is getting freaky the next race there is a horse that I like and it's name has Bella's name as part of I know who I'm betting on...but Bella barks at this other horse, so I look it up in the program and it is about a 47 to 1 shot to win...I say to Bella, "not likely Bell, we'll go with my pick here”, so I go up to the window to place my bet (Bella is with me in her little house) and I notice the odds go even higher for the one she barked at, the odds are now over 50 to 1...what the heck, I'll put 10 bucks on it to show, (come third), well her horse wins, my horse doesn't even finish the race, I won about $140 on that horse, but man if I had listened to Bella, it would have been over $500. So the next race, I didn’t even bother looking at the program and went with Bella's pick, her pick had approx. 3 to 1 odds, so I bet $20 to win and sure enough it wins, this went on for the rest of the night, Bella picked each horse for the next 3 races with her barking at that horse and the next one after those three races her picked was scratched for some reason and didn't race. But the last two races, I bet $50 dollars on each of her picks and won almost $800 just for those two races, we made over $1400 for the whole night, some of the people next to us and behind us had noticed Bella’s barking and picking the winners, so they were also betting on Bella's picks, it was so funny, we were high fiving each other every race, a great way for strangers to come together, man was it hilarious, people in the other seats further away must have thought we were crazy, but I’m sure they were wondering how it was we all knew how to pick the winning horse each time.
We only went the one time as the track closed down soon after that day, I would always tell Vera that they closed because they lost too much money due to Bella picking the winners each race. A fun, special day with my sweet little girl, of course I gave Bella her cut, after all she earned it right…….
Oh Bella, I remember that day at the track like it was yesterday, yet here it is, five years since you had to leave, where did those five years go, where did all those years go, the years with you went by so fast, far too fast, you made each and every day so much fun little girl, how you knew which horse was going to win still mystifies me, but oh how it makes me laugh even today.
Bella I truly hope you know and realize just how much you mean to me, my heart feels the emptiness left behind by your absence, it misses our adventures, I miss our adventures, I miss everything about you sweet girl, I love you Bella, forever and always, that I promise. Now go run Bella, run like the wind little girl, run so fast like you always loved to do, don’t forget to come crawl in when you can ok little girl, your blankets are still on our bed. 
I love you Bella, for eternity, that I promise, Love your Daddy xoxoxoxoxoxo

"So let the light guide your way... yeah
Hold every memory as you go
And every road you take, will always lead you home..... home"

To my dear friends, I hope you, your family and loved ones are safe and doing well during this unbelievable difficult time, who would ever have thought such a thing could truly happen. While I don’t write as often on here as I once did, always know that you and your precious loved ones are never far from my thoughts, I value each and every one of you that I have had the honour of “meeting” through this beautiful site, I have made wonderful friendships here that I hope to continue and hold for a lifetime. My favorite laptop crashed a few months back, and with it I lost all my contact information, if you haven’t received an email from me for a while could you please send me a quick hello so I have your info, thank you. Be safe and I hope to hear from you soon, your friend always, Don
Here are some photos of Bella through the years, and for those who may not have seen previously our documentary that CBC television did, it tells the story about me and Bella and how she helped me recover from my brain injury, plus links to our website and YouTube channel where you can watch me paint as I tell the funny Bella stories. Enjoy.

Bella in her hoodie.jpg 
Bella in her spot on couch.jpg  Bella posing with The Dance.jpg  Bella & mommy Raincoat.jpg 

Bella sleeping.jpg  Bella's Cash.jpg  Bella's pouch.jpg  Feisty Bella at Football.jpg 

My You Tube channel where you can watch short videos of Bella's funny stories, along with our one year balloon release tribute to Bella, be sure to check out Bella's Mexican Hat Dance video, another time Bella put up with my silliness, but she nails her part in one take, such a pro: 

My Website, Bella's paintings and the other pet portraits are on here. I wrote the bio from Bella's perspective, making it light and fun, just like Bella:
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Oh Don....There aren’t enough words, or sentiments, or loving hugs in the world that will ever suppress the pain of losing our best little girls.  Time helps the smiles return as we remember all we love about them, but the hole remains.  Bella has helped you fill that hole with beauty and continued adventure as she guides you along a path of never ending love and precious moments.  The power of Bella obviously overpowered those horses that were many times her size!  What a smart little girl...she knew her hoodie would be filled with money she could spend on her favorite treats.  

We are with you on this five year Bella Angelversary, surrounding you 36EB4710-F9C2-498F-B667-39E3A0C8802F.jpeg CB25E18E-1B22-40CF-BABB-10B83F1E471E.jpeg F220263D-B432-40D5-B910-F54F94067481.jpeg in love and hugs.  I’m sure that little red sports car will pay you a visit, and hopefully Bella will show you a few winning numbers as she brightens your day.  Wishing you, Vera and little Bella much health during this time...big hugs and lots of love to you all.

Dawn, Randy and Molly xoxo

Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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I think of you often, but especially today on the day that marks 5 years since you made your journey to Rainbow Bridge.  I know that you would be playing happily with my Bella and all of the other friends you have been made.  Your mum and dad miss you so much, but I know that their memories of the love and laughter you brought into their lives, keeps them smiling every day.
Play happily while you wait for the time that you will be with them again.
Love from
Bella's mummy. xxx

Hi Don,
I am thinking of you on Bella's 5 year anniversary.  I know that while life goes on after our dear friends leave us, they never leave our hearts or our minds, and some days are more difficult to get through than others.  I know that you would have some sad times, but I feel confident that you have so many happy memories of Bella, that just the thought of her brings a smile to your lips.  I know that memories of my Bella do that for me.  They brought us joy when they walked beside us, and they continue to bring joy as they watch over us.
I hope you are safe and healthy and are managing as best you can in this strange time in our world. 
I can only thank you for the part you have played in helping me heal after saying goodbye to my girl.  I am so fortunate to have you in my "Rainbow Bridge Friendship circle", and I know lots of other people feel the same.  You have such a kind heart and reach out so consistently to others...thank you.
Take care my friend,
 5f66f7a28080a9f812b06d1f3667adc4 (550x550).jpg 
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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I cant believe its been five years since your beautiful bella went to the rainbow bridge and my heart feels for you so much as no matter the time or how long these anniversary's bring back so much that is never forgotten but just placed deep into our souls .but just know that yourself and bella could not have loved each other anymore as both of you just gave so much to each other and i know from my own experience that when they leave they really do take our hearts with them ,but also know that bella was and is your inspiration and that you are mine and so many others as you walked with so many of us through the hardest times in our lives and I for one am forever greatful my friend .hugs to you both today and everyday

littleguys mom   
pamela meadows
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Dear Don and Vera:  Your words for your little sweetheart are so beautiful, they always have been, spoken deep within your heart. I met you about 3 years ago, here, during the worse of times. Each post you've made to Bella pours out your love and also brings smiles to others. You have always had such strength, to take the time to bring smiles to so many saddened hearts, it's who you are, it's what Bella wanted you to do. Like most of us I never met that wonderful little girl but she has touched my heart in so many ways, lifted me up on my lowest days. I sat and stared at her pictures, imagining the two of you playing, laughing and loving each day. Her spirit, her devotion to you, the inspiration of your life is amazing. There has been several times that I spoke to her in those quiet moments, thanking her for bringing you here. You could have gone in so many directions on this day 5 years ago, you could have closed off the world, stepped away from life, but you didn't. You reached out to others to share your story of you and Bella. Your life was transformed the day you became Bella's dad, your heart was changed, your soul was blessed. This was no 'chance' meeting of two hearts, it was destined, she was to be there for you during an extremely difficult time. She had a purpose, and she fulfilled it beyond anything you could have imagined. I pray for sweet memories today, for peacefulness in your heart, for the knowledge that you two are forever bonded, beyond this earthly realm, beyond all time, she waits for you and you hold her in your heart. It will be this way for the rest of your days. This life is but a flicker on a candle, it passes so quickly but she left you with all the love, all the lessons, that could be had in a lifetime. Blessings to you, I know of no one who has helped more people through such difficult times than you and the precious little girl, Bella.

I love the race track story, oh my, what a gifted gal. She had to work so hard to convince you that she knew what she was doing, lol. Thank you for sharing yet another wonderful story of you and Bella, and yes, it did bring a big smile to my face. I love it.

The pictures are wonderful, she truly is an angel.

Your dear friends, Charlie and Deborah
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