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Happy 22nd Birthday Bella !!!!

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Hello my sweet girl, I hope you have the most wonderful day with all your friends, as you run like the wind playing and rolling through the grass like you always loved to do. Be sure to share your cake with all your friends my dear girl and of course I'm sure there will be lots of ice cream for everyone.
My one wish is for you to always know how much you are loved my dear Bella, I truly hope you know just how much you mean to me and just how much you helped me. My other wish is for everyone here to have each day arrive softer than the previous day, while bringing such peace and healing to their hearts each and every day.
Enjoy your special day Bella, no matter how old you get you will always be my little girl, for eternity Bella, that I promise.
Now get ready to chase down your notes that Mom and I will be sending to you, I mean each and every word I write sweetheart. Run like the wind Bella!!!!!
I Love you Bella, Love forever your Daddy xoxoxoxo
Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes for our little Bella, 22 years old today, I would convert that to "dog years" but that would mean taking off my socks.....
The beautiful wishes along with the wonderful pictures really brightened my morning, and the awesome, ever so creative poem written by Maggee and Kassee's Mum is absolutely amazing, oh how I smiled while reading that, for those who may have missed it, I will attach it to the bottom of this post, thank you so much Cody.
I would also like to share this quote that Twirlie's Mom, Grace posted a few years ago for Bella, I had never heard this quote before Grace posted it, but now rarely does a day go by that I don't read it.
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Of course I can't mention ice cream and Bella without sharing her ice cream video, many of you have seen this video, but I am always amazed at how Bella could eat so much, especially ice cream and yet not get a drop on her face.
A few photos of Bella throughout her years, they range from age 6 to 17. Bella's tongue hung our after her first stroke years earlier, but she miraculously recovered and went on to live a fun life full of many adventures until almost 18 years old.
Feisty Bella at Football.jpg  Bella's Cash.jpg  Bella in her spot on couch.jpg  Bella & mommy Raincoat.jpg  Bella in her hoodie.jpg 
The wonderful poem written by Maggee and Kassee's Mom for Bella's birthday:


There is a big day coming quick and near

It is a Birthday bash for a girl held so dear

For new friends and old

It is a time for funny stories to be told

For gaiety, celebration and love

For it is Miss Bella’s day says the messenger dove.


We must have a party like no other

For all of us do indeed ’love-her’

She is truly our divine Miss B

Everyone must come-all from A to Z[ee]!

There will be cake, and of course ice cream too

Balloons, treats, games, races, no one will be blue!

Presents, snacks, pools, Bella-inis for all - no alcohol of course 

 It is the Rainbow Bridge gang - what a force!


Ears will flap and tongues will loll, 

Paws will dance and barks will call

Hearts will be filled with love and joy

For it is Bella’s Day - so tiny, like a toy.

Hoodies with cash, raincoats for all

Coconut waters, special dinners for the big and tall.

Umbrellas, and shade, sunglasses and such

No one will miss out and for that special touch…

A song will be barked, purred, chirped and hissed

 This day is not to be missed.


A theme might be needed

So many ideas they must be weeded.

A luau?  a Mexican fiesta

Perhaps bits of all would be the ‘best of’

Wait, a thought from all the softy paws

A game for all of us while the ice cream thaws.

A great big hole filled with something like jello…

No, better yet a bunch of marshmallows!


A heart so big, so strong none to compare can be found

A character and a ‘wit’ in just three pounds!

She is our inspiration, her life, her soul

And while birthdays come and go, Bella, dear Bella never does grow old.


Thank yous are part of a special day

And to Don and Vera we must say

Thank you for sharing your oh so special girl

Your stories, your time spent with that precious pearl.

The bond is forged, and Bella knows

Across the bridge and near the rainbows,

Her greatest gift is her Dad and Mom’s love

So she waits patiently above.


A couple of words, especially for her Dad and Mom,

“Always know in your heart I will indeed come,

Know our bond is forever and a day - 

Feel my presence and see the spot where I lay.

Keep calm, and keep our moments close

They are OUR times and will always mean the most.”

As the party drifts by on puffy white clouds

It brings bittersweetness and sighs so loud,

The tears are in our eyes as we wish oh so much

For one more time to hold and to touch.

A Birthday today though for a sweet little one

For she is adored and admired a ton.


All wish Bella and of course all her friends

A never ending party with favours, we send

Our voices and love 

On the wings of that dove.

So party our fur angels for it is a special day

Its a Bella Birthday what more can we say!


Bella age 7.jpg

My You Tube channel where you can watch short videos of Bella's funny stories, along with our one year tribute, be sure to check out Bella's Mexican Hat Dance video, another time Bella put up with my silliness, but she nails her part in one take, such a pro: 

My Website, Bella's paintings and the other pet portraits are on here. I wrote the bio from Bella's perspective, making it light and fun, just like Bella:  

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So sorry dear Miss B and Don...obviously math nor poetry are my fortes!

Happy Birthday Bella Girl!

And Don, look to those skies, balloon clouds and soft sounds floating by are the markers of that big party today! I know with all your heart you wish to be with your girl, remember always she is with you! Each and every day - todays and tomorrows and yesterdays! She is forever racing past on that green field looking back to make sure you are watching and of course still holding that ice cream that is hers!

Many hugs!
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Happy, Happy Birthday Bella! Wow, the celebrations have begun...everywhere! Cody’s poem takes the cake, and then some. How lovely that is. Today is very special for all of us to celebrate, and we will be ready for a visit with a full array of treats as well.

Don and Vera, wishing you a day filled with lots of special signs from little girl and many moments that bring a smile to your face as you walk this day with your precious little Bella. Please know we’re all with you on this very blessed occasion. Lots of love and hugs from your friends,

Dawn, Randy and Molly xoxo

Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BELLA!!!!! Oh my, I cannot even imagine the celebration going on today over the rainbow bridge. I hope heaven is really huge because this party will be so big with so many of her friends attending. Bella, eat all the ice cream you want, run like the wind, jump as high as you want and sleep with a full tummy as long as you want. While there is a celebration going on up above, there is a huge celebration going on down here too!! Your dad has so many friends and so many people here have come to know you and love you. You have the best parents in the world who celebrate your life and love every day. So go on little girl, have a wonderful time.

Charlie and Deborah
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Hi Don and Vera! 🎉

I want to join with our friends in wishing your beautiful little girl, Bella, an amazing 22nd birthday!!!

Love Cody’s poem!!! It definitely got the party started! I can only imagine the celebration going on over the bridge today!! Cake, ice cream, toys, games and of course all of Bella’s friends singing “Happy Birthday!” 🎶

Don, I think I am quite safe in saying your first wish for today has come true. Bella knows how much you love and adore her and how much she helped you. I do think that was always a part of her purpose. 🌟
Thank you for your second wish “that for everyone here each day arrives softer than the one before.” It’s so sweet of you to think of all of us on your Bella’s special day!

I hope that you and Vera are enjoying the day and I hope you know that your friends are thinking of you both and also of (as Cody said) the DIVINE MISS B!! 💖

Hugs to you both!!!

Your friend always,
MJ 🤗
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Awww! Bella time!! Happy birthday to the darling, ice-cream-loving girl all dressed in pink!

It's all a sweet love feast right here. I'm so thankful she graced your home with her royal presence, a true little princess. 

That is a very neat poem!

Don, I wish Bella could have stayed with you endless years.  Wishing you comfort and healing and gentle breezes of kindness today. Hugs to you and Vera!

-Missing Marissa deeply
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Hi again Don!
I wanted to write again and thank you for the wonderful post you left on Bailey’s thread! Your picture brought a huge smile to my face! Bailey loved the summer and hanging out at the pool with us! I’m sure he would love those cool sunglasses you found for him from Jim’s Sunglass Hut!!
My mom is recuperating so quickly that she has surprised us all and so we are feeling very lucky!! Thank you for thinking of her!
I hope that you and Vera enjoyed Bella’s birthday!! The pictures you posted of her were so adorable and I never tire of watching her eat her ice cream cone! Thank you for sharing her pictures and video with us on her special day! 💖
Sending hugs to you and Vera! I will give you a call soon so we can catch up.
Your friend,
P.S. Charlie says to send you both kisses!! 🐶xxxx
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Don...   Happy Birthday to beautiful Bella...  I know it was yesterday, and I thought of her often...enjoying her birthday in heaven.   

We've been dealing with Tropical Storm Barry on top of everything else, and had no electricity yesterday.  Still raining...but the lights are back on.

Once again, thank you for all your kind words and post on Dali's thread.  God bless you and Vera and beautiful angel Bella.

Dali's mom

See the source image

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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happy birthday (640x449) (529x238).jpg 

Hi Don,
I am so sorry that I missed Bella's big day, but I am here now to wish your beautiful, sweet girl a wonderful 22nd birthday. I can imagine the huge celebration that took place at Rainbow Bridge, and all of our dear babies would have been there with her....with cake for everyone!
I love the photos that you have posted of Bella...what a sweetheart.
I know that birthdays bring mixed feelings - one of joy to remember our dear babies, and one of heartache for all that we wish for but cannot have.  Our memories are what we have now, and we need to focus on the life we were fortunate enough to share with our Bellas.  We were both incredibly blessed to share our lives with Bellas!
I hope you and Vera are well.
Your friend,
(Bella, Charli and Buddy's very lucky mum)

My gorgeous girl, Bella  26/07/2004 - 03/04/2014
"You were once by our side, but you will be forever in our hearts. Until we meet again baby girl."
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Happy Birthday Bella
You are so loved and honored by your Dad and mom.
I hope you are running like the wind with the pals, and eating cake and ice cream. Your memory is surely blessed and shines through your Dads heart sweet Bella.
Happy 22nd Bella
My boy, Brownie
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Tankie12 wrote:
Don this may not be ‘ok’ here but I don’t care. I’ll say it anyway-I just love you❣️ I love the kindness you so abundantly spread. I love the hope you share.when you talk about your sweet Bella and how she brought sunshine to your life. I love the way you make myself and others smile with your wonderful stories and adventures with the Queen B. You always remember the most significant details among us all and personalize each. Thank you so much for being the wonderful person you are. And thank you for always remembering my baby, my Tankie girl, when the moon is shining brightly.
I had a special night recently with my girl. In that magical place before deep sleep takes over. My girl was there and I was able to grab her big head and kiss it all over as I held her tightly. Tankie never held still for big displays of affection so I had to be swift and hang on tightly😂 She would than pull away shaking my lovin off wagging her butt and tail. I got in my normal amount of kisses before I woke up. It felt soo good.
May you have many magical moments with your precious Bella curled in your arms or taking over your bed❣️🐾❣️,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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Hi Don, and I can only apologise for not posting on Little Girls 22nd birthday. I've been so busy the last few weeks with Brians birthday festivities and then our holiday - but no excuses, and can only hope Miss Bella will forgive me... I know the Rainbow gang will have had an absolute blast for the birthday girl - cakes galore, dips in the sea, lots of fun and games and endless treats, but one thing I am absolutely certain of is that she will have taken a few moments out to come and spend a little time with you and Vera. Of course, you know she is never far away from her Dad anyway, but on special days she is just that bit closer to you Don... I sincerely hope the day passed by with lots of beautiful memories of Bella, your sweet little inspiration, and once again thank you for sharing her with all of us here........Big hugs, your friend Jackie xx
J Taylor
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Oh Don & Vera~

I am so very sorry that I missed Bella's 22nd Birthday celebration!  I missed lots of & dancing! No doubt, Bella orchestrated...with her little love pokes to Don...just what she wanted for her big 'Happy Birthday' party!!! Nothing but the best for Bella! And Cody's poem is so wonderful, especially because she captured Bella's  joy & excitement. Just as you have shared Bella with all of us...Cody gave you such an incredible Bday & forever gift...and shared it with all of us too. Great poem Cody!
Again...I am sorry that I missed Bella's day.

Don-- you are so giving to so many of us here-- so I apologize for not being on the RB forum much lately. But I greatly appreciate your beautiful & always funny & clever post on Lucy's thread. Your words & amazing images always spark joy & make me laugh out loud! It's just like your Bella! You spread her love & Bella sparks joy in every story, video, photo because she is such a loving & giving girl. Thank you so very much for sharing Bella with all of us. I hope that she keeps sending you new & wondrous messages & signs-- the kind that in a split second-- take your breath away. In that moment, you positively know that Bella is right there & it feels so good. All is right in the world..even if only for a little while. But she is always with you because your love & connection is that strong. It is forever & beyond. The stars truly aligned on the day when Bella came into your life!!! And they aligned again when you came to the Rainbow Bridge forum & shared Bella :-)

There's still lots of summer left so I wish you lots of special Bella Sundays...where new folks can meet & hear about Bella...many toasts to your girl:  'Arriba...Abajo...Al Dentro...Al Centro'...aka 'Down the Hatch'. I will toast Bella & you this Sunday when I am at a Birthday celebration!

Daisy Clover sends huge 'bug hugs' and I am sending them too.
Thank you my friend, for all that you have given to all of us. Bella is most proud :-)
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 so very sorry i missed bellas birthday celebration but im sure its still on going as every day at the bridge is just a big party to all our fur babies and just know that every time a happy bark comes out of little bella shes talking to her dad just letting you know shes there and thinking of you and mom and still ruling the roost as before ,and nothing but warm thoughts and wishes for all of you , hugs my friend 

littleguys mom
pamela meadows
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Hi Don, It’s so great to hear from you and see that Bella is up to her usual fun! Finding that Beagles shirt was just too funny. I think the gang all works together to show us things that they know will warm our hearts. I noticed recently we have a new restaurant in town called Chihuahuas....I wondered if maybe the “puprietors” were serving beef and broccoli along with Bella-inis?? We just never know what they’re up to.

Wishing you and Vera a wonderful weekend filled with Bella moments and big smiles. Lots of hugs from your friends,

Dawn, Randy and Molly xxx
Love you infinitely our little Molly. Forever and ever XOXO
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