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My wonderful, kind, caring friend Don,

I am so sorry that I am only writing now, and that I missed Bel's 4 years. I read the beautiful story you wrote about her last morning when you posted it and reading it again just now has brought me to tears again. The tears flow for two reasons:

1) I can so deeply empathize with the pain and grief and utter haze that you must have been in when you realized that Bella's breathing and heartbeat were not coming back this time. I am so glad you shared that with us, and I hope you never feel that you need to keep things light. It's been 4 short years since you got to hold your beautiful fur angel, and the grief for that kind of unconditional love is profound indeed. You are so kind to worry that it would be a trigger for others, but I am so glad you shared that day with us so authentically. I do wonder what she was looking at!?! How amazing to hear her tiny bark after three years. She was definitely talking to someone! 

2) Your description of the night before. How you would cook for her. Take her for late night drives. That you had a stethoscope to lovingly monitor her health all those years. Happy tears flow when I think of how much Bella was loved and what an amazing human being you are for giving so much love and care to that tiny, funny, fierce little creature. May all dogs be as lucky as Miss Bella.

Anyway, I am so glad you shared, and so glad to call you my friend. 

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Don...   LOVE the Mexican Hat dance of Bella, one of my favorites.  Your posts are always full of love and it comes through loud and clear.  I hope you are doing well....I know your Bella is always there for you....

Hugs...   Dali's mom

Dali, as much a daughter as any human...  pure love
Until we meet again

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don,vera and bella

just stopped by to read a few of your dear letters to bella as you always inspire me with all the love and kindness you give to others but most of all your sweet bella and its hard to believe its been four years for you since sweet bella went to visit her new friends and also some old ones ,I know you hold such wonderful memories for your bella in your head and heart as after reading for posts for all these years you have a million and are so lucky to have those , hugs to you my friend and sorry I haven't visited much but cade has my full attention when im not at work so once again sorry.

little guys 
pamela meadows
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Hi Don, just calling by to say Hi and hoping you and Vera are both okay.   I am sure Bella has been around, letting you both know she is never too far away from you, as well as planning lots of new escapades with all her Bridge friends!  As we are nearly into the summer months (although the weather here in the UK has been quite chilly to say the least!), I am certain Bella, Jim and the rest of the gang will be planning some beach activities - Jim in his sunglasses of course - as well as the occasional dip in the sea, followed by much lounging around soaking up the rays.... !    I just wish we could be allowed the odd little glimpse of them all....but I guess we can imagine all the fun they have!

                                                                                                         Big hugs,  your friend always, Jackie x
J Taylor
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Hi Don,
Thanks for stopping by. I hope you and Vera are doing well. Its Summer already. My how these past months have gone by. I love how you cherish your Bella. She was loved by you so much, and she knew it. Your videos are so sweet of Bella in the hat. I have a similar one I put on Brownie. I miss all the days for sure. Our love for them are just as if they were our child . I hope you feel Bellas love everyday Don. Love most definitely shows through your work. Hugs
My boy, Brownie
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Hi Don and Miss Bella❣️🐾❣️
I just have to start off by saying what a wonderful person you are and thank you for the support and care you give to soo many of us. It is appreciated more than you know.
Bella lives through you. Her tenacity and sense of humor, her strength and gentle spirit are a few of her attributes you’ve wrote about. They are hers as much as they are yours. I feel it in your words. She’s with you in each beat of your heart.
Your pictures and quotes are always the best but I have to say my favorite is the one about thinking, as a child, that the moon follows you. I cried,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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Don, thank you for such a beautiful and fun-filled post on China Doll's birthday. I truly have NO IDEA how you remember so many dates, your little girl must be whispering into your ear helping you with all those dates. I love all the pictures you posted on the thread, how and where you find them, ANOTHER mystery! Yes, the Blue Bell ice cream will be served today! I have a little red bowl that was used only for her and me. I would eat some and then sat the bowl down for her to finish. She would lick it all up and then go 'around' the rim looking for that last drop, the image is so clear in my mind. I cracked up when you talked about her becoming a teenager, I hadn't even thought of that!! You made my day, my week, as you always have. You are the best, smiles on this day was a welcome emotion and you brought many many smiles today. Thank you.

ps. I'm thinking about sending a PM to you with mine and Deborah's anniversary date, then I would never worry about forgetting because I would have you reminding me. But, we can't tell Deborah.

We are doing fine plodding along through the summer heat down here. I wish you and Vera and your so so sweet little girl the best wishes ever.

Your friends, Charlie and Deborah.

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hi don 

just stopped by to say hi and wish you all well and just to once again thank you for caring and helping myself and so many others through the most difficult time of our lives and for yourself and bella just being who you are .

littleguys mom
pamela meadows
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Thank you for everything Don!  You are truly such a special friend!  And Bella's birthday is Saturday so I wish her a special Happy Birthday!  I know there will be a huge party for her and I know Little can hardly wait for some ice cream and Batman will be wanting cake.  All of them will be running up and down the rainbow - I can just see them!  Take care and stay in touch when you can … Hugs from NC ...

PS another Wednesday - you and Bella are in my thoughts today!
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Don, thank you for a beautiful post on my thread. Your words painted such a peaceful and loving moment. I sat on that bench so many times and did exactly what you suggested. I could feel the breeze on my face, hear the birds talking, the clouds moving by and in those moments my heart feels so close to them. Thank you for bringing a smile to my heart and memories to my mind.

Deborah is doing well, after the last set of test results she can now go on a yearly testing schedule instead of every six months. We are so thankful to all the well wishes here on the forum and we continue to hold fast to our faith and do our best to live in the moment, as our little angels taught us.

I has been very hot so far down here in FL, but it always gets this way in the summer. The hot weather just gives me a good excuse to add a little ice to my Baileys and to have that one extra bowl of Blue Bell ice cream. Oh my, how China loved that brand. There were a few times I had to buy another type, she would always let me know that she would eat it but was not entirely happy about it, lol. I miss her so much.

Thank you for always thinking of us, I'll convey your wishes to Deborah and I hope you have a peaceful, wonderful weekend with your little girl right by your side as always.

Your friends, Charlie and Deborah.

ps. I love the poster.
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Hi Don, Hope you and Vera are doing well. Tomorrow is Bella's 22nd Birthday. I'm sure Bella and all her friends are going to celebrate really big tomorrow. i know you are probably going to send her balloons and a card. maybe I will see you in the candle room tomorrow. I have to go to the Cemetery tomorrow to honor my Sister's 1st Anniversary. It has gone so fast. but I will look for you tomorrow. Happy Birthday in Heaven Bella.send some signs to your Daddy and Mommy..they miss you so much....hugs and kisses xoxoxxo l.jpg download (58).jpg  Happy Birthday Bella, from all your friends xoxoxo
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There is a big day coming quick and near

It is a Birthday bash for a girl held so dear

For new friends and old

It is a time for funny stories to be told

For gaiety, celebration and love

For it is Miss Bella’s day says the messenger dove.


We must have a party like no other

For all of us do indeed ’love-her’

She is truly our divine Miss B

Everyone must come-all from A to Z[ee]!

There will be cake, and of course ice cream too

Balloons, treats, games, races, no one will be blue!

Presents, snacks, pools, Bella-inis for all - no alcohol of course 

 It is the Rainbow Bridge gang - what a force!


Ears will flap and tongues will loll, 

Paws will dance and barks will call

Hearts will be filled with love and joy

For it is Bella’s Day - so tiny, like a toy.

Hoodies with cash, raincoats for all

Coconut waters, special dinners for the big and tall.

Umbrellas, and shade, sunglasses and such

No one will miss out and for that special touch…

A song will be barked, purred, chirped and hissed

 This day is not to be missed.


A theme might be needed

So many ideas they must be weeded.

A luau?  a Mexican fiesta

Perhaps bits of all would be the ‘best of’

Wait, a thought from all the softy paws

A game for all of us while the ice cream thaws.

A great big hole filled with something like jello…

No, better yet a bunch of marshmallows!


A heart so big, so strong none to compare can be found

A character and a ‘wit’ in just three pounds!

She is our inspiration, her life, her soul

And while birthdays come and go, Bella, dear Bella never does grow old.


Thank yous are part of a special day

And to Don and Vera we must say

Thank you for sharing your oh so special girl

Your stories, your time spent with that precious pearl.

The bond is forged, and Bella knows

Across the bridge and near the rainbows,

Her greatest gift is her Dad and Mom’s love

So she waits patiently above.


A couple of words, especially for her Dad and Mom,

“Always know in your heart I will indeed come,

Know our bond is forever and a day - 

Feel my presence and see the spot where I lay.

Keep calm, and keep our moments close

They are OUR times and will always mean the most.”

As the party drifts by on puffy white clouds

It brings bittersweetness and sighs so loud,

The tears are in our eyes as we wish oh so much

For one more time to hold and to touch.

A Birthday today though for a sweet little one

For she is adored and admired a ton.


All wish Bella and of course all her friends

A never ending party with favours, we send

Our voices and love 

On the wings of that dove.

So party our fur angels for it is a special day

Its a Bella Birthday what more can we say!


Bella age 7.jpg

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Cody with her wit and magical word started a party for all to be heard!
What a wonderful start to celebrate the big 22 for a little girl so loved and soo dear!

Happy Happy Birthday sweet little one your beauty is your name, Bella. Make sure to save two pieces of your cake for Mom and Dad❣️🐾❣️,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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Oh yes.... Today is the day – Bella’s 22.
And just like Lynn wrote, Cody started the big party for everyone to be heard.
Today Bella is the Queen in Rainbowland and everybody will celebrate the big event – I know Max is there and he is in for Spaghetti Bolognese with a little Parmesan on top, lol.
I wish for the most lovely memories, the funny events and joyful moments to come to you and stay with you throughout the day.
Happy Birthday sweet Bella
I post a pic of a tiny wonder for Bella
Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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Happy birthday in heaven sweet Bella! I’m sure you and all your friends will have a beautiful day celebrating with you with lots of fun and games and treats galore.

Don and Vera, may your hearts be comforted as you celebrate this special day with love and thankfulness for your sweet girl. Always will Bella be a part of your lives, always will love continue to grow.

Happy birthday Bella!

Hugs from me and Peanut

"Sometimes even the smallest things can take up the most room in your heart"
-Winnie the Pooh

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