My Dearest Sammy,

I hope that you are having fun playing with the Zack, Cody and all the other dogs at the bridge.  Your mom's and mine hearts are broken and will be forever.  You were such a special boy.  There is nothing we do throughout the day that doesn't remind us of you.  Your older brother Cooper is doing well but I know his heart hurts as well.  I wish I could turn the clock back and hold you even more than I did, but I can't, I can't get it out of mind that the last time I held you was when I carried you from the truck into the hospital.  I want to picture you at a happier time but I can't, for now that is all I see.

You brought joy to everyone who had the pleasure of meeting you.  Cooper and I are trying our best to keep everything normal at work but it is hard.  The staff misses you dearly and are lost at lunch time without you vacuuming up the floor.  The members who all knew you have come down to tell me that they will miss you.  Your buddy Dexter wonders around the shop looking for you and hoping that you will come running around the corner so the two of you could get into some kind of trouble. 

I hope that you hear your mom and I we talk to you every day.  We tell you how much we miss and love you.  Our hearts will not heal until we are all together again.

We love you Sammy,

Dad, Mom and Cooper

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Our beloved pets give us so much joy.  Unconditional love is like no other.  I am sure your Sammy is OK.  He would want you to remember him happy and healthy.  He is such a beautiful boy.
Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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I know the grief right now is overwhelming, but I assure you that the good times of Sammy will start to shine through once the initial shock and pain starts to fade. I know for me and my family it took about three weeks of pain and then suddenly we began telling funny stories of Puki of when he was younger. We miss him dearly, but at least now we can laugh and smile when we speak of him. My thoughts and prayers are with you!  

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Sammy can hear you.  He knows how much you love and care for him.  I was with Chas in his final moments as you were with Sammy.  It is the hardest, most heartbreaking thing I have ever done but in the end I'm so glad I held him in my arms as he went.  Even as your heart was shattering when Sammy went, he took a piece of it with him and holds it close until you meet again.  He will always be near.  I agree with Puki's mom that it gets better with time.  That final moment will fade and you will begin to think of happier times. 

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