My beautiful baby tara my heart just aches for you. You gave me almost 13 years of pure happiness! I dont know how I am going to get through not seeing you ..holding you  or momma telling you how much I love you...As you were having a hard time breathing  momma whispers just how much I love you over and over...I left the back door open today thought you were lying out by the pool sun bathing like you always do... then reality that you were not here hit so hard...God give me the strengh...I miss you so much!!!
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I'm so sorry for your loss. They truly change our lives, it is wonderful to share the love and happiness. Our lives change again when they leave us, nothing is the same. But we will love them forever - that will never change. I miss my baby so much. We will be here to support you, sharing the heart break, but sharing the love and memories too.
Love is eternal....
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