Today it has been one week since we had to put our beloved 12 yr old golden retriever Baloo to sleep. I was so distraught afterwards my heart was so heavy I know it broke into two. I have been crying uncontrollably every day and even though everyone says it will get better it hasn't! Everything in the house reminds me of Baloo...he used to swim in the pool daily and now my husband and I want to fill it in...he would sleep in our bed ...go fishing on our boat...supervise the cleaning of the boat...and just always be there giving us such unconditional love. Baloo was sooo special and I just need to know he is ok and that he knows we love him so deeply.  I asked him for a sign that night after he was gone to please just please let me know he was ok and I would see him again! The next morning while crying by the  pool   looking at his basket of toys when I looked up at my orchid that I have had for years...never bloomed due to my black had 12 buds on it and so far each day one bud is day 7 since his passing and there are 7 flowers!!! There are 5 more buds to bloom so that makes 12....just as many years we were blessed to have him! I don't know if he sent this sign but I have to grasp onto something to get me thru.

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Wow!  Of course he sent that sign!  I am so happy you have that.  Be sure to take a picture.  Tomorrow is my one week mark, and I'm sorry you're going through it today.  All of this is just the most incredible pain and despair.  Know that you are not the only one crying everyday, and we all understand.  You are not alone.   

I am so so sorry about Baloo.  Talk to him, and pour out your heart.  I believe he can hear you.  This is just a very hard time, and I wish I had the words to make you feel better.  I'm sorry....   
We may not be together in the way we used to be, but we are still connected by a cord no eye can see.
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I believe that was a sign from Baloo that he is okay.  Many people have had signs that their sweethearts are okay.  My sweetheart kitty Duffy gave us a powerful sign that he's okay.  We had him for almost 20 of his 23 years on earth.  On January 1st we took him to the doctor where we thought he was a diabetic that could be okay, but they said he had only 2/3 of one of his kidneys working that couldn't be treated because of a heart murmur.  We were so sad that we had to make this decision, he's such an important part of our lives, but we didn't want our sweetheart to suffer.

The next day we were coming home sad about Duffy, and were so surprised.  On the road just past the driveway when we were a block away there was a line of at least 20 birds (ibis) standing still on the road looking like a white fence.  They did not move until my car was in the driveway parked for several seconds.  It's unusual for these birds, because they are always in the grass moving around, never stopped.  I have no doubt that this was a sign from our sweetheart Duffy that he is okay, loves us and is looking forward to seeing us when we join him forever.  They also say that our babies can come and visit us in our dreams.  I had a couple of dreams back
in January with Duffy in them.  It's been over 2 1/2 months, and I somewhat am used to not seeing him, but there are still many sad days.  It helps to have pictures of him in the house.  

They are so important because they give us so much love and they are always there for us.  I believe that you Baloo is okay and that you will see him again.  The flowers are also a powerful sign.  I believe that we will
all see our sweethearts again.  Hopefully we can all get these signs once in
awhile from them to know that they are still there.

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Its been 3 days since my golden, Maggie passed. They are such sweet dogs. Maybe there swimming and playing together on the rainbow bridge. The pain is never going to pass, but it will get better. It really helps to get out of the house. I was totally against going to school, but it actually helped. Just go somewhere to get your mind off it. Its not disloyal to move on and do other things, so don't worry.

-Maggie's loving sister, Sarah.
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I'm so sorry about Balloo. it does get better, but it takes time. way more than this short period so far. You've lost a family member, and one that love you so unconditionally. that will take a while to heal and to grieve. it will come in waves, and it does ease at times. but the first while is just agony. Maddie died in August, and I have some good days, and still some where I sob for missing her. Give yourself all the time you need. it's not any one else's schedule of's yours. Baloo was very beautiful. I believe that his spirit is still all around you.
Have you gone to the Monday night candle ceremony on this site. it is very beautiful. I have been several times. My love and prayers are with you. I know how much this hurts. Judy
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I thought I was starting to feel a little bit better but this morning was so tough. I am trying to get back to doing the normal things but Baloo was such a part of everyday that I just feel so empty. I ordered his urn from rainbow bridge last nite...I don't know how I am going to get thru picking up his ashes. This morning on the way to work I cried uncontrollably....I can't eat or sleep and I have a knot in the pit of my stomach! I miss the way he would just come up next to me and nudge my hand with his face so I could pet him...miss him rolling around in the yard...swimming in the pool..having to step over him cause he loved sleeping in the doorways...and most of all jumping up on the bed at nite and snuggling next to me......he was such a pleasure which I know I will never have is so final and devastating.   
I thank you all for listening to me and this site has been helping.
I will be there on Monday for the candle ceremony
Sarah...I do think Maggie and Baloo are playing together and awaiting us to be with them again   
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Its been 7 days since our golden sam died, he had kidney failure had  died 3 days after he was diagnosed with it. I cry my stepson tells me to get over it, get a new one. i feel your pain

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We only had a few days before we had to put Baloo to just wasn't enough time and seems like we were executioners! I guess the only thing good was that for 12 and a half years he was healthy and only had a week or so of being uncomfortable. The vet said he didn't think Baloo was in pain but he also said that dogs mask it very well to try to please their owners. 
Everyone tells us also to just go get a new dog...but there will never ever be a replacement for Baloo. I am sure you are the same way with Sam!
Goldens are precious and you are not alone in feeling the pain and helplessness.  
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Baloomom, thanks so much for sharing your pictures. He is soooo sweet. It is so apparent as to how much he was loved and still is loved. The grief goes like that. one time you think your doing better and then the next minute it hits you hard.
If I could recommend this book to you and everyone. It really really helped me get through my grieving for Maddie. It's called
Saying Goodbye To Your Angel Allen and Linda Anderson.
They lost their dog, and felt the same way we do. and it gives lots of helps for grieving and healing. When you are ready might took me a bit, but it was so understanding of our love and loss.
Keep showing us your beautiful pictures. Also when I was so upset that I didn't know how I would get through the next moment, the live chat here helped. you don't have to talk if you don't want to, and the people there are very loving as well as the moderators. Sometimes, thats the only way I got through the night or day.
I send you my love and my prayers. Judy
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the live chat is on the first page off the pet loss grief page. not the chat at the bottom of this page.
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Its been over a year for me.  My Baron gave me several signs that he was OK.  He pulled the blanket off my bed the day after he died!  I know they go to heaven.  Believe that too.  It will get easier and when the time is right, do get another one. I did and it helped a lot. 
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Wow what a powerful and beautiful sign! I've experienced several things that can be signs from Reilly who went to the Rainbow Bridge one week ago yesterday. I'm very thankful for that.

The rest of the time I'm very sad or just numb. The first days were hysteria and then it just dried up into feeling nothing at all. And if I do feel, it's sadness and loss. Also, time seems to be moving differently. Can't believe it has been a week. It seems hours ago.
Reilly, I will love you forever. I will see you at the Rainbow Bridge.
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I am so sorry about the loss of your buddy Baloo. What a handsome dog! He enjoyed the Forever Home you lovingly provided him. Thank you for the photos and the memories. It is very, very hard to lose them. The wrenching pain we feel when they go is proportional to the love and lessons they give us every day. They are part of us.


Ayesha would often sit in my lap when I sat at my computer; she would settle in and drape her front legs over my right wrist when I was working the Trackball; sometimes she would type out short messages when she walked on the keyboard.


When Ayesha got older it was hard for her to jump up to my lap; I would slowly lift her up when she wanted to join me. All those special moments we shared are precious and priceless.


A wise old Aussie friend told me years ago that “not all treasure is silver and gold, Mate.”

"A performing artist she; she purred with the mastery of an accomplished musician."
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im so sorry for the loss of Baloo.  I know exactly how you feel.  It has been one week for me now as well.  I often wonder myself where they go after death.  If i will see him again.  I miss my buddy so much.

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Loving Ayesha,
Thank you and everyone for such kind words. there are so many special moments we had with Baloo. Every night he would wait until I pulled the comforter down to jump up on the bed with his "momma" which is the first stuffed toy he got when he entered our lives at 8 wks old . He would get settled in and actually have momma in his mouth and would fall asleep with her. Momma needed a lot of stitches thru their 12 years together with soo many washings and I would try to substitute a new momma...which he would ignore. The past year he couldn't jump on the bed anymore so he got "2 paw"....I would let him put his front 2 paws up on the bed and then lift him up the rest of the way. I wanted to keep his momma for myself cause it has his smell and I didn't care it was full of saliva and who knows what else...but thought it was too selfish...he loved that momma and I had it cremated with him. 
I wish now I would have kept his has been 9 nights without 2 paw and at least I could have had his momma. My husband and I have no children so Baloo was our boy. I have more pics with Baloo and momma but too big to post.   
Thank you for sharing your memories of Ayesha with made me smile.
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