I had to put my 14 year cat to sleep yesterday.  He was in renal failure and it came on so quickly, we started to notice last week that he wasn't eating and a few days ago he could barely walk. I was so torn on taking him in to the vet, I didn't want to stress him out. I came home yesterday from work and I just new he was ready. My husband had sat with him all day. The whole process at my vet was very thoughtful, they had a room with a nice, soft padded bed, he didn't even respond when they gave him a sedative it was extremely peaceful, nothing like what I expected. We brought him home and buried him under an apple tree (he liked laying in the grass there). My heart hurts! I am just so sad. My husband said  "14 years of joy and now this" it sums up exactly how we both feel. My cat was the best and everything was on his schedule haha. He wanted his wet food at 3pm and treats as soon as I finished brushing teeth, he'd wait on my bed along with the dog when he heard the toothbrush buzzing  20200611_211934.jpg  🥰. He really was a great cat and left a big hole in our family. Sorry so long! Thanks
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I've always thought that when a cat has been lucky enough to reach his/her senior years while being cared for by fantastic owners, they have this look of wisdom in their eyes. Your cat has that very look. I'm glad his passing was peaceful. Your husband really did sum it up with the perfect words. I'm sorry for your loss.
“Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened” ~ Anatole France
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Dear JustJules67,

Oh what a handsome lad your boy was. And as Peach wrote he had the look of wisdom in his eyes. There is a "knowingness" in his wonderful face. Such a great pose for the camera too. Such a beautiful photo. Thanks for you sharing it with us here.

Your words speak volumes as to how much your cat meant to you and your family. I am so grateful that his path crossed with you and your husbands when they did all those years ago and that your boy knew how much he was loved and that he was an important part of a real family. All cats should be so blessed.

I'm glad that his passing was peaceful in the end and that you could be there with him when the time came.

I hope you will continue to visit us here on the forum and send you prayers for healing. 

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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