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Lynn / Diana,
So good to hear from you both. Yes we are in the same house, I still unearth the last bone he buried and quickly cover it back up. His collar hangs from my rear view mirror and his pictures still surround us . We enjoy the freedom of not being completely committed/ watching 4 dogs on a regular basis , using Elvis bowls and bed. I know that I will never have another relationship like that, they are all so unique. In their own way.  Reading your responses made me smile. Happy to be connected to you both. Happy for the love understanding, the hugs, I hope that you are both well. I don’t come here as often, but it’s nice to check in when times are tough. Sometimes , for me, writing is a means to cope, to vent, and to honor Elvis. .

Love and Hugs
Pete 🐾❤️ 
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Hi Pete,

Sorry for waiting so long to reply. I rarely come here either. I receive notifications only from forum friends I've been in touch with and always mean to get back to them and then days go by.  So much has changed in the world since that email.

I'm glad that you are still in Elvis' house. I know you were planning on moving, but having his things pop up around the yard hopefully are a comfort to you. At least you are surrounded by several dogs, but nothing too committed. Elvis will never be replaced. He just never will be.

Tomorrow will be 1 yr and 8 mths that I've been without Millie or without a dog, period. I help my friends and neighbors with theirs if they need me, which is fine. I haven't been in a position financially to take in a dog and my health has been wacked out, so it's just going to take even longer.

Being that you are in the medical field you are probably getting the brunt of the influx of sick patients due to the virus. Please stay healthy. I have allergies and respiratory issues, so I've self-quarantined for over a week now. I hadn't felt well during that time. Possibly mild case, but who knows since we're only testing those with severe symptoms. It's a crazy world for sure. I'd already been unemployed due to the tariffs and now this, hopefully when I'm able, the environment will help me change careers once and for all.

I hope your wife is well and that your weather is reasonable enough that you can get outside. I know life would be so much more comforting if our pups were with us now, but part of me is happy that Mill isn't here for this seeing me anxious and stressed, plus if she would have gotten sick during this period I really would have been freaked out. It's a blessing she isn't here now.

Wishing you and your family good health. Stay safe out there.

Mom to Millie, Roman, Snoopy & step sister to O'Boy
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