It's been exactly one week since I lost my Teddy. He was 8 years and 21 days old. He was an Imperial Shih-Tzu and as I am a veteran with bipolar, anxiety and panic disorders, he was also was my emotional support dog. He was was my best friend, my love, pretty much my whole life. He had a lot of health issues of his own and my husband says he wouldn't have lived as long as he did without me but I feel like it was the other way around. His had seizures and was on two different medications twice a day. His joints were slightly deformed, he had breathing problems because of his short nose and intestinal issues. Thru all of that he loved his life and me. We went everywhere together. During the heat of summer or the cold of winter when I didn't feel it was safe for him to go he had a small child's mushroom chair that I would put in the kitchen so he could watch outside until I would get home. He never went outside his whole life without me and never needed a leash. He never met a stranger and made everyone smile.

Last Saturday he was happy, he ate good, he was running and playing in my living room while I watched tv. At 10pm I asked him if he was having fun with Toby and they kept playing. 5 minutes later I got up to go in the kitchen and he was laying at the end of the couch, gone. We tried to revive him but nothing worked. This has been the worst week of my life. We put him on his bed and that in the bottom half of a boot box. I cried for 6 or 7 hours and wouldn't put him down. I wanted to go to sleep, no, I actually wanted go with Teddy. So, with all my own mental issues I had enough medication to make that happen. I didn't obviously, but I still don't know how I'm going to move on. I'm glad I found this forum.

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Teddy Bear's Mom,

I am so so sorry for your devastating and sudden loss of your best friend and companion.  What a sweet, sweet face - and he looks as if he is quite the character.  This loss is one of the most difficult to make sense of - the 'why' and the 'how could this have happened' - questions that run over and over through your mind and are only intensified with grief and sorrow.  This is so painful.  Loss of our very special fur ones reaches us within the depths of our soul and spirit - and plunges us into a darker fog of grief.  The heart literally hurts - a physical pain alongside an emotional pain - and one that no amount of drug will ever be able to 'fix'.  Your Teddy Bear is not gone from you though - bonded together you two were and are still...His spirit, his heart and his love for you is not diminished by time nor space - his little paws will still touch your heart reminding you he is still watching over you and for you.  This is a difficult journey - this one of grief, of loss and of sorrow...and it is a journey that is not easily travelled nor meant to be travelled alone...These fur ones are our lives, enriching them more than we could ever know; providing a steadfast and solid confidante and companion and loyal and true in their love forever...This is not easily said goodbye to ever...This is such a shock for you - and do I 'assume' correctly you have a second pup, Toby?  For it will be a shock to him as well...playmate taken so quickly.  Our special fur ones change our lives so drastically and do so with quietness, dignity, and by just being themselves and living each day to its fullest...Our tears are the now silent witnesses and expression of what has been taken, and of what we had...Teddy Bear's Mom, come often to this forum and write to your Teddy Bear - there are so many kind, and understanding people here who walk the road and its ups and downs and will lead a shoulder.  Your sweet boy is always yours - it sounds like you two 'saved' one another...and a bond such as this could never be broken.  These days and nights are difficult - and words fail at a time like this...Your loss is shared here as is your boy's life - He continues to live within the minds and hearts of others - his life mattered and continues to do so.  Wishing, wishing...if we could only, I know...Take care of yourself and Toby and know Teddy Bear is forever yours...and for always with his mom.
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 I am so sorry for your loss. It may not feel like it now, but time has a way of lessening the pain. Come here often. It really helps.
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