I lost my Gunner unexpectedly on Sunday night.  My kids witnessed the last moments of gunner's life I am so lost I can't sleep I hear him and smell him in the house I can't stop crying.  How will I ever get over this.  He was my baby and he was only 2 years old I feel like I failed him and I couldn't save him I have never felt pain like this.Gunner.jpg 
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I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. Gunner was so beautiful, I know your pain and am deeply sad for you. I lost my boy to a road accident 9 days ago and feel so helpless, lonely, tired, unable to eat.
I don't know how to recover either, none of this makes sense. I only seek comfort knowing I gave my baby the best life possible. He was only two also.
Be kind to yourself, we often feel overwhelmed by guilt when something so horrible happens.
I can't even go to work. I went to the grocery store today and I'm confused and numb. I'm here for you. Bless Gunner, bless your family.
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Thank u so much for your kind words I'm so sorry for your loss it is so hard I have never lost a pet before. I did give him the best life I just wish I couldn't save him.
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Like you I lost my first and only pet.
I love the photo you attached to your post. Very handsome!
The pain of losing our cherished pets was something I was not prepared for. Almost 18 weeks after the death of our tiny toy poodle. I have come to the conclusion that no amount of "preparation" eases those feelings of sadness and loss.
As the adults in the partnership we would all like to be able to save our babies from sickness, old age, accidents or whatever rips them from our lives. However as in the case with humans sometimes the illness wins the battle, accidents happen to the innocent and old age puts an old, tired body to rest.

Take the time to grieve your loss. There is no timetable. In my case I have accepted the fact that I will never "get over" losing my dog. I know that I am learning to live without him. Still a work in progress. I strive to reach the day when I can remember him with a smile.
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It is terrible when we lose a pet unexpectedly. I lost my Jack Russell Stanley suddenly last week. He got hold of a highly poisonous Bufo frog and died of cardiac arrest due to poisoning. My wife and I tried to help him and we couldn't.

Its hard to forget that night.

I understand how you feel. 

All I can say is that each day it gets a little bit easier. But the pain of missing your best friend takes time to heal.

I pray that you learn how to move on, while keeping Gunner in your memory at the same time. 

I am striving for the same thing in my grief process.
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