I am devastated at the moment because my little”Mango “ just passed away a few minutes ago. I feel like such a loser because I didn’t have the money to take him to the vets. He was 71/2 years old, but he died from some kind of infection I believe. He was a fighter because he lived for 6 days, while sick. I hand fed him , bought him his favorite treats, but he continued to go down hill. I held him, close to me, wrapped in a towel and kept talking to him. I really get upset when people claim “oh he is just a guinea pig, why are u so upset?”But to me he was much more. He was my buddy, my companion, and he was sooo sweet. I am going to miss him so much.
As he was dying I rocked him in my arms and I kept telling him how much I loved him and what a great piggie he had been.
Now I just cannot seem to stop crying. A my suggestions?
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Oh Ciotti, I am so sorry about your little Mango. It's devastating when we lose our little babies. Don't let anyone shame you about the grief you are feeling. Of course you are going to be sad and cry and miss him so much. One of my babies passed more than a month ago and the other one 3 weeks ago and I still cry for them every single day. I'm glad you found this forum because everyone here understands what you are going through and is very understanding. Keep posting and talk about your Mango.
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I am so sorry about your Mango, and yes alot of people do not understand the bond we have with our pets, our babies, our world.....and this is all so fresh, new and raw and tears will flow continuously. 

Please keep your Mangos legacy alive by talking about him and also talk out loud to him......he is on a new journey at the rainbow bridge, your guardian angel forever...til you meet again.


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Ciotti wrote:
I am devastated at the moment because my little”Mango “ just passed away a few minutes ago.

Oh Ciotti, I am so sorry about the loss of your precious Mango.  Mango knew your powerful love and understood it, I am certain.  To die in the arms of a loved one is the most that any of us can ask for... and you granted that gift to Mango.

We've had a couple guinea pigs in the past and so I feel your pain.  "Todd" had an infection and we did take him to the doctor.  The doctor gave him an antibiotic injection and he died regardless a few days later.  From everything I've learned, guinea pigs are very hard to treat with antibiotics.... their bodies don't like them much.  Of course, veterinarian care is the best thing, I suppose, but please don't beat yourself up because of your circumstances. Mango knew love... and that's the most powerful medicine there is.

My deepest sympathy~ Andrea
They never live long enough....
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Ciotti....I had several different guinea pigs for many years, and dogs. I absolutely grieved each death! They are such cute creatures and such vocal little things. Each one had a unique way. I am sorry for your loss. The few times I did bring various ones to vets, they seemed stumped how to help try not to beat yourself up over that. 7 years is an amazingly long time for a guinea pig! I don't know if you knew this, but most average about 5 years. Still, of course that does not ease your pain. And it's true, an animal you love, never lives long enough.
Hugs and hang in there.
- Melissa
Missing and loving Scooter Forever
- Melissa
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