Dear Rosey,
Life is a little less colorful now. I miss your smile, your wagging tail, your woo woo woos (happy barks), bringing me three toys, your eyes, and your fuzzy warm coat. We were two peas in a pod. My heart stopped the day I found out you came down with cancer. I cried for all the missed years that we would never experience together. But it was okay because I was so sure you would still be with me another couple of months. The chemo was working. You have been through so many different things but you always got through them so I saw this as no different. It was comforting thought and helped me get through college finals normally. That night was the hardest night of my life. You refused to eat and I kept encouraging you to move forward. Keep going please I pleaded in my head, I need you. Your heart was beating fast and your panting was heavy. You stared straight through me when you stood in your little pool and then roamed the yard for one last time. Even doing one last night walk with my sister who carried you all the way back. Your fur was so soft because we had given you a bath that day and you closed your eyes and rested your chin on the edge of the tub. I put you in your crate because I didn't want you to wander away from me. When I came to check on you at 3am there you were panting in your crate. I still have feelings on how should've walked over and hugged you and kissed you. I didn't know what was happening but I assured myself you would see the vet tomorrow. The next morning you were just gone. I was crushed. You were my home and my family. My heart broke in two as I felt like I had lost the other half. You were not 'just another dog' you were my best friend, my partner in crime, and my baby. I had so many questions. Who'll give me kisses now? Who'll go for walks with me? Who will make me feel better when I'm down or keep me calm when my anxiety becomes too much? Why you? Why now?
Being with you it was like sunshine on a clear blue day. I reach out when you're not there and I want to feel like you are still here with me. I find myself feeling like I didn't do enough for you. I still remember how cute you were and how you were remarked as a puppy so many times on our walks. I wanted summer with you to do everything we could before your time came. I'm was scared the memories would fade after your funeral. You did exist. And then it was a blink of an eye and you were whooshed away. I want to honor you and know that im not burying away a memory. I want to know you are at peace. 
Heaven gained a very special dog today. Keep her happy while I'm not there give her lots of food, walks, beach time, and cuddles.
To my Rose rose, we will always be together. ❤
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♥️ From Lola, my kitty. She never asked anything. She was sweet, delicate and very shy. And she suffered in silence, until the vet told me that she has spleen cancer and very bad prognosis.
She was loved so very much. My entire body is aching. I wrote her a letter, as well...
We were just two of us and a big love♥️

Rosey is at peace now. I hope your cherished memories with her will bring a calm smile on your face every time you recall it.

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Aw you wrote her a letter as well? That's so sweet! I am glad this resonated with you. 
I feel a little less stressed and anxious now that we gave her a service and a proper goodbye.
Cancer is no easy thing to deal with human or animal. I'm sorry your baby had to go through it too. I will be very happy the day that a permanent treatment is invented for all types.
I still remember her happy and that's what I strive to continue honoring ❤
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