Dear Peanut, it will be 2 weeks tommorow since I had to let you go and put you down. It was the hardest decision and hardest thing to do and watch. I did this because I love you so much! I hope you know I was there with you and heard me telling you I love you.I did the best I knew how to help you over the past 7 mths. I was happy to be there to help you just as you have always been there for me over the past 14 yrs. God truly sent me an Angel. I will always remember the day you picked me when you just wouldn't stop licking my face. I think also about all we had gone through together. After I retired last Dec I was looking forward to spending so much more time with you and we did but it wasn't long enough for me. When we moved from our house to an apt I remember how you enjoyed going outside with me for short walks and discovering all the new smells and sights. The way you would pull me down the hallway to get outside. You made a few friends here who told you how cute you were and petted you if they saw you. When fall began and the leaves were off the trees you and I walked through the pile of leaves together. Something we never could experience at our previous home. You loved sitting out on our balcony with me watching the cars go by and barking at those who walked by. It made me sad when I began to see you not enjoy those things anymore. Peanut I cannot begin to tell you how deeply I love you and I felt the same love from you. You were the best dog I ever had. Your sister Gracie misses you so much and is laying with one of your toys. She has been picking at her food and looking for you. She loves you so much. Peanut I pray that you are at the rainbow bridge and you are healthy, happy and running and playing with a ball you may have found. Please watch for me so we can see each other again one day. Please try to visit me in a dream so I know your happy and well. I miss you so much. I miss cuddling on the couch and in bed with you. I miss your presence. I miss you greeting me at the door. This is very difficult for me but just know I will NEVER forget you and you will always be in my heart forever. I have a candle burning for you every day to help light your way if you need it. Hugs and kisses Peanut. I love you baby!!! Love, your Mommy
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What a beautiful letter to your precious Peanut. I know exactly how you feel, as do all of the others here. I'm so sorry for your loss of Peanut. What a cutie.  I would love to dream about my pet also, so far it hasn't happened. I also desperately want to see my Lulu again and I have faith that we will see our beloved pets again someday. The love between our pets and ourselves never dies. I believe our pets have souls. How could they not, they have so much love to give. Hugs to you during this difficult time. 
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Such a sweet letter to your furbaby Peanut. So sorry for your loss..x
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