Hello All,

This is Abbie from New Delhi, 25 Years old and a computer engineer. I am a one of the newest member Here. Loss of my beloved female Labrador "Layla" has directed me here in order to get over my sorrows and griefs that i and my family suffered. So please forgive me i say something that might hurt anyone.

My Layla was born on 1 Nov, 2011. I was just graduated from my engineering at that point of time and had no job at all. I, my brother and my family had always been very fond of Pets specially Dogs. My family both from my parents side had dogs as family in their lives. I was 21 and one day we decided that we will go get a Dog. Finally, the day came and we brought Layla to our house. Trust me guys, i had no money but i still got her and decided to make a payment later. My grandfather was not allowing us to keep her from outside but inside he always wanted her to stay. We got her home on 6 Dec,2011, very cold weather but no snow( we do not get snow). I took her in my room and the whole night she did not let us sleep doing mischievous things and we were so excited in welcoming our newest member to our family. She started growing big. We all had so much of fun with her during her presence. My whole family used to worship her like a Goddess as in Hinduism dogs are said to be very lucky and sacred. Life was going good with her. We took care of her so well, she was always well groomed, very beautiful. My mom used to say us that she looks like an actress from Movies if compare with other dogs, Lol.

During my hard time, i used to stay at home as i had no job. I had no life actually, my days and nights were almost the same, no routine at all, used to wake up in evenings and sleep in mornings. Everything was messed up. I made her learn everything, how to greet people, to welcome guests at home and she was so obedient. She used to understand everything by looking into my eyes. Our every guest used to praise her because of her calm nature and behaviour. She was in love with infants. Whenever she used to see any infant, she could not control her excitement. My grandparents used to say she has a soul of our great parents and we used to agree to this as she always had interest in sitting in with family while offering prayers.

I left my hometown in search for a job and came to Delhi. Going away from family was easy if i compare with going away from Layla. I can communicate over phones with my family members any time but it was not possible to talk to her on phone. Even when i used to skype my family, she just could not watch the screen so no way i can talk to her. It was always good to see her pictures that my younger brother used to click.

Life was smooth if we say about getting along with Layla.She was our family and we could never think of going away from her.

This year has not started great for me. My manager at office used to stay unhappy with me for no specific reason. In February i was visiting my hometown Ludhiana in Punjab to see my family. Unfortunately i lost my luggage full of winter clothes and summer clothes. I used to carry them along to make sure at least mom wash it. I lost all of them, stay at home for 4-5 days but was not happy as i lost a lot. Hence did not enjoy much with Layla as well.

I was coming back to Delhi without knowing this fact that i wont see Layla again. She greeted me while i was going back.Took her blessings and came back.Office people, only my manager specifically, was creating some plans to fire me or whatever. I was very punctual at office doing very hard work. Saw her picture in March and she looked so sweet and healthy. I used to make myself motivated after seeing her. I got a new job , a better job just because of her blessings. Hence i was serving my notice period in my office and axe was still hanging on me from my manager's end and i was hoping that i would come out of it very soon.

Now i am going to post my writing that i wrote just after her death.

26 April 2015
So,am just about to end three disastrous days of my life until this moment since my birth.My LAYLA has gone to GOD.It was so hard to explain what had happened to her and what actually could have been done to her while she was alive,i am running short of words or if i have those words,but am sure i cant put my emotions in my writing.Its been more than a month that mom used to tell me about health of Layla,"she is not okay.She does not eat her diet now-days." Even i was going through hardest days of my life,i was worried about her so much but i never imagined being on planet earth that this would eventually happen,she will leave us one day and will make everyone so alone and empty that at least i have never experienced in the past.Whenever weather used to change from one season to another,dogs or every animal usually take some time to get adjusted to climatic conditions managing their appetite and body on their own,so we thought the same that Layla is going through transition period like every living being does.Everyone in my family cared about her so so so much that we always treated her just like our own kid,my own sibling from another living being.This week from 20 April until now was so much unpleasant and devastating starting from listening to my maid's hardship in her life and then i came to know that Layla has been suffering. 
28 April 2015
Could not continue that last part,so resuming now.As i have been saying, on 21th April i came to know Layla has been suffering with Liver Problem.Mom told me about it after getting my family got her reports from Laboratory.I was really scared about it and i don't  know why i cried so much with seeing her photographs in my laptop.Watching her videos and listening to her voices that i recorded when she came to our family very now were making me cry a lot.I don't know how did i develop that fear in my mind that i will lose her.I slept  after thinking so much about her.At the sharp midnight called mom and came to know she had jaundice fever.Along with that doc also told Shanu that its been an on-going problem with dogs these days so we need not to worry about it.Doc recommended us to give Layla an ice-cream daily as it will burn the heat in her body.Went to office and told my office friends about her and i told them that i will go meet her .She will feel happy after seeing me.Came back home on 23 April,told my maid about her.My maid started crying after listening to her pain,she remembered her small goat that she brought up and taken care of.She dies because some body gave her any poison or something like that.I have never thought the very next day i will lose Layla too.Called Up mom and mom told me that she is doing better now,focus on your job and come back with chachu on 6 or 7th May.I said okay,i still don't know why.Next day mom called me on 1:29 pm ,i was sleeping in cab,could not pick her call and then called her back after 2-3 mins.I was at Ashram flyover in south delhi,mom was crying very bitterly and said to me"LAYLI SANU CHADD KE CHALi GYI",i did not know how to react to this tragedy and i still don't know how to react.I was not believing myself that she ended up her friendship with me or with my family so early,i was shattered.very hardly i reached home and started crying bitterly,talked to mom,shanu,amma and came back to Ludhiana with all that pain and sorrow in my heart and tears in my eyes.It was so hard for me to control them while i was traveling in a public bus.I was so broke that i boarded a wrong bus to a wrong destination after paying out for my journey.Reached home at 11 in the night and everyone was so shattered and devastated,the house was so empty without her.For the first time,no one came to welcome me at my home,no one came excited.As soon i entered my home,i started crying,bade papa and amma started crying after seeing me,sat down with everyone and thought about her.I was so devastated about her hardship and struggle during the last3-4 days.I feel these last 3-4 took her away from us.All those medicines and glucose destroyed her from inside as she was not having any kind of food.Since then its been all struggle for me and my family.We staged a Havan in our house to make sure she gets to heaven and get a better life in a better form of living beings.Shanu made me so proud about him and i promise everyone that my shanu will rule this world one day with all the blessings from Layla.Will continue about Laylu some time later but i want to add this thing that she was an angel to me.I have never had anyone like her in my life and i don't want anybody to take her place.I am still broke and just like everyone i need some time to recover myself.I have been listening to this song "Sajna-Khan saab feat G khan" taking me back to her memories.I loved her so much that i don't know how to put my love for her in words.I hope she is resting in peace wherever she is .I LOVE YOU LAYLA AND I HOPE I WILL MEET YOU SOON ONE DAY SWEETHEART-THE PUREST SOUL THAT I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS.

Just for your information:
Shanu: My younger brother
Amma: Grand mom
Bade papa: Grand dad

I just hope that you will like my post as this is mine first here.

God bless and love ya all.

Abbie , New Delhi
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I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Layla,coming home and not getting the welcome you are so used to from your Layla is so heartbreaking, I completely understand the emptiness you are feeling the devastation it leaves in your heart. Layla's love still surrounds you, she is still beside you, just in a different form, she hears you still, so continue to talk to her as you would, the bond you two shared will never break, it lasts forever.
I hope in time you are able to use your fond memories of Layla to help mend your heart, sending positive healing thoughts your way.

Sincerely, Don & Vera
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I am so sorry for your loss.
The feelings that you describe are all so familiar to us here in the forum. You are not alone in dealing with your loss. We understand what you are going through and send you words of encouragement as you adjust to your new reality.
Pet loss is devastating to us as we love them deeply. It is a difficult road to mending our broken hearts but with time I hope you come to accept this loss and remember Layla with a smile instead of tears.
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