Hi all, 

I am really, really struggling here. I have an ache in my heart and I haven’t stopped crying for about 48 hours now.
My baby Bella is 6 and was diagnosed with lymphoma yesterday which is in her liver and spleen. I was told it is quite advanced and aggressive but the vet advised that we try chemotherapy. 
She had her first chemo tablet yesterday and has been sent home with 10 tablets a day (steroids and anti sickness tabs), she has not ate properly in around a week.
When she come home yesterday, she was her usual self, playing around and giving us lots of kisses and I just pray that her chemo helps her so that we have more time with her. 

I feel like I have been robbed of my time with her and that it just isn’t fair that my beautiful girl is being taken too soon.

How do I get over this? I honestly don’t think I can get through it.

What are other people’s experience with chemotherapy? I need to know I have made the right choice for my girl because I can’t bare the thought of only having weeks with her🥺

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I'm so sorry about your baby. My baby was diagnosed with lymphoma when she was 9.5 years old. It spread to her spleen but none of her organs. Her vet said she was an excellent candidate for chemotherapy. I stepped out on faith and trusted God for her healing. Her treatment was successful and she was cancer free for five years. She passed away last Saturday (congestive heart failure). I'm in so much pain right now, but I am so thankful for those extra five years. My advice to you is as long as your baby is fighting, then please fight with her.My baby looked at me 5 years ago and told me she wasn't ready to leave me. Your baby can pull through with your love and help. Also, I switched her diet to a grain free diet. But be careful if you choose this route and make sure that meat is listed as the first ingredient. Either fish or chicken. Please keep me posted on your baby's progress. I know how you feel.
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Thank you for your reply, it’s made me feel a little better! Day one of chemo today and so far so good, she is a little lethargic but has had a play with us etc. 

she is still not touching her food but we are also looking at making her diet the best it can be! 

I am hoping the steroids help with her appetite.

I am so sorry for the loss of your baby, but live in hope that I have 5 precious more years with my girl too xx

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We put our dog down wednesday who had lymphoma as he was getting overly growly we decided not to do treatment.  I am now in deep deep regret and miss him so much.
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I’m so sorry to hear that Guinness, it is the hardest thing to do. I dread the day I have to do it with Bella, it will always be too soon 
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Thank you and i hope everything works good with the meds and you get many more years with yours
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Oh my, sorry to hear your dog’s diagnosis.  That’s a tough one. I pray the chemo gets you some more time with your dog.  So young, very sad.... what breed is your dog? My boxer dog had liver cancer we didn’t do treatment, surgery wasn’t recommended either, it was bad,  I just fed my girl whatever she wanted, I cooked her a variety, just to get her to eat, but in the end, she refused all food. 
Linda *Mom to two boxer angels* Lily {White Girl} 6/22/09 - 10/14/19  ** Ginger {Flashy Fawn Girl} 6/4/97 - 5/28/09
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My deepest condolences for your sweet dog. I don't want to give you false hope as my girl only lived about a week and a few days with chemo treatment. It was very hard on how sudden it was. I felt robbed too. There is no way to just simply get over it because its your dog. Just do the things that you can do for them. Try to stay optimistic it won't help you or your dog to be gloomy. Just treasure your time with your dog and love them completely. And continue doing the things you love to do on a day to day basis.
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I'm very sorry for what your pup is going through and what you and yours are enduring too. It is so obvious how much you love, adore, cherish and care your girl.

I think it is best after reading hundreds and hundreds of posts here and on other forums as well as blogs, websites, articles, essays etc. that you must take things on a case by case basis.

We chose to give our cat "Dusty" Chemotherapy towards her end (although she was older 18 years old) at a cost of $4000 and it was not right to do. She suffered.

The problem with steroids is they are both a good drug and a bad drug. A gift and a curse. They can basically prop-up an animal. They helped keep my boy alive longer, but I wonder how he felt his last year internally. He had too much energy at times. He never napped any more until the steroids began to wear off and then I opted to never use them again. Eventually he slowed down and then almost completely stopped eating and could not drink. 

I felt I had to let him go. I could not insist that he stick around just for my needs. I had to put his needs first. As we all know our beloved pets can not communicate what they are feeling exactly inside with us. They do not allow themselves to show pain and suffering out of fear of being ousted or becoming prey for being weak. And they don't want us to worry about them. They want to make us happy and show love. They will go through Hell for us. Vet's often claim that our pets are not feeling pain when that is not the case. Med's have all kinds of side-effects. They cause animals discomfort just as they cause us discomfort. And steroids can lead to other health conditions such as diabetes etc.

My boy was becoming a shadow of his former noble self. I could not allow that to happen. I owed him that much. He was done with Vets and Animal Hospitals. He was fighting them during each examination and treatment and he no longer wanted medication.  He had had enough.

I hope in your case your beloved feels better and begins to eat and goes into remission. But it is always best to keep a close eye on them. No matter what happens, please know that you are not alone we are with you in comradeship.

Kind regards,
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