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There is a bush in my backyard where the lizards would run and hide from my Sally. She loved to chase them and they tried to find refuge in the bush. My girl had the ground around the bush worn out from her constant lizard hunts. As I went out to try and mow the yard today I realized that without her to run around and digging up the dirt around the bush that the grass has started to creep back up around it. Pretty soon it will totally reclaim the bald spots around the bush that my poor girl had worn out. It is only a matter of time before there will be no evidence of my Sally ever having been near the bush. The lizards where laying all over the backyard and on Sally's patio chairs working on their tans without a care in the world. I started to cry and had to cancel my plans of working around the backyard for a while. 
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I might be inclined to just go out there and scratch up that dirt around the bush and chase those lizards off . . . 

I understand what you are feeling.  I too am wary and worried that somehow without intent or design the physical paw prints of our special girls will be erased. . . forgotten - 
So fleeting and seemingly somewhat 'cruel'.  I think maybe I am somewhat afraid that with time their unique quirks and behaviours will be forgotten too . . . I look for some physical reminders of my own gone girl - and sadly there are fewer and fewer.  Her favourite blanket went with her - her 'sweater' no longer carries her scent - her meds are just sitting in the refrigerator now without purpose . . . If I start to cry, I feel like I won't stop - "one step forward and two steps back" - Our fur companions are amazing in their impact on our lives - they do this amazing thing - they just exist and in doing so make our lives a lot better.  Hoping Sally's companion is doing ok - I know it is tough for all - two legged and four legged - to deal with the loss.  [what an understatement!]
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I'm so sorry for your loss of Sally. She was so lucky that you took her in and gave her a great life, you were both lucky to have each other. hugs <3 I also have been crying in the garden a lot and having so many memories of my wiz and me there and my other babies. I took him for a long walk on his leash a week before he passed. 
My beloved sweet Tess August 1999 - February 21 2001
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Squirrel  I am very sorry for your loss.  I feel so bad for baby having lost her buddy.  I was fostering a little Daschund named baby for about 2 weeks.  She went to her adoptive home 2 days ago.  My little adopted boy Peanut seems a little down since she has gone also.  I think our other babies miss their siblings when they leave too.  I wish you and Baby luck.  Sue
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Dear CK. That comment about physical paw prints got to me. One thing I didn't mention is that in front of her bush I could still see her paw prints for the longest time. I turned off my sprinklers and hoped that they would stay there forever. Unfortunately, the Florida rain storms came by one day while I was at work and washed them all away. I still have her ugly Christmas sweater my mom got for Sally a few years back. I can't smell Sally's scent on it anymore. Her pack of heart worm tablets sits on the counter. I am unable to do anything with them and had to buy brand new ones for Baby. It is the little reminders that pop up now and then that keep reminding me.

Ellie, I go out to her tree every day when I get home and sit and relax while Baby runs around the yard to stretch her legs. It is the saddest spot in my entire yard but I can't keep away. All the memories of the stuff we did flood back to me every time. 

Sue, I hope Baby gets better too. She finally has started eating a bit in the mornings. After many trips to the store and multiple varieties of new dog food. She has grown ridiculously attached though. I too have thought about getting a buddy for Baby but I can't get another pet. It would just seem to me like a continuation of a dreaded cycle. I take her to grandma's house to play with her dogs and she has fun. Alas, those two dogs are already pushing 16+ years. I just hope I can figure out a way to help Baby get through this.
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