If anyone has any advise on how to learn to live with the pain of losing your sweet little baby of thirteen years, please pass it on too me ... I feel tortured , if the hurt of losing my sweet little Ginger gets any worse,  I'm not going to make it , seriously, I have tried everything I know to try to ease this pain but nothing is working for me, My Gin has been gone for two months but I swear it may as well have been Yesterday...I am in need of some serious help....

Judy Berry

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hi, i know the feeling, the pain, the sadness, the daily tears. It took me 8 long months to finally stop crying every single day. When i lost my sweet girl in Jan my world crashed, it came unexpectedly, and its a long path. Please know you are not alone. Finally after 8 long
months i was able to replace the sadness with fond memories. I also journal each and every day, my feelings, its good to journal cuz then you can look back at how you felt and how you may be feeling as time goes on. 

And, yes, your Gin was 13 years old, you must have taken good care of her....and yes, the pain is hard, and yes, each day it may get
a tad bit easier. Our pets are forever in our mind and heart forever. I wish i could say more, but please know you are not alone, maybe
talking more about what you are dealing with, and more about Gin will help you on this path.


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Everyone will grieve in their own way -- I lost my Scout going on three weeks now, and I'd known her for 12 years.  I don't know how old she was because she was a stray, but my best friend thinks she was three or possibly older when we found her.  I have felt sadness, guilt, doubt, loneliness, and all sorts of other emotions, and just when I think I'm okay, it can hit me again.  But I am learning to focus on the good, and to remember that she had a very happy life with me all the years we were together.  I'm going to adopt another cat soon, another stray, and give him or her as much love as I can, too.  I see this as a tribute and not a replacement, as I committed to doing this when I first took Scout into my home.  It's the best we can do.  And I ask myself, too, would Scout want to see me suffer or only think of the sad times.  She was a full grown adult when she passed, even though we think of them as our children.  It would make her sad.
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I can't add much to the two beautiful responses above. They both sum up the feeling of loss and how to move through the grief.

I even went to a grief counselor several months after Jamie passed. She helped me understand that grief wasn't something you "got over", but something you learned to live with. Being in tears all the time slowly gives way to sometimes. A large part of my healing came right here. Many lovely people gave of their time to virtually hold my hand as I poured my heart out each night. I wrote for the longest time, and still do occasionally, when an event or time of year comes around. You're surrounded by people who understand the hurt and will always listen.

Blessings to you.

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