So my GF works for, and watches dogs and cats in our area.
She went to do a meet and greet this evening, for potential pet sitting for a lady on a weekly basis.
She walks in and up come the two dogs.... And one of them is a McNab, just like our Sadie Mae ! I had to ask her if she kept it together, and she did. I then asked her if she told the lady about our beloved McNab and she did. Again I had to ask, did you keep it together, and she actually did.
I told my GF that she must be tougher than I am, because I think I'd have broke down and cried like a baby !

How do you think you would fare in her shoes ?
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I think I would have been okay seeing a McNab like Sadie Mae. It would have been much harder to talk about her. But maybe your GF was in work mode.
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