Our beautiful Ragdoll, Dora just crossed over to the bridge on Friday. She was the best kitty. She helped my mom when she was dieing of cancer and also was my special needs child's cat who loved my child when she felt no one else at school liked her. They shared secrets and cuddles. My daughter is devastated so much by Dora's passing. Dora was 14 and had kidney failure and blood cancer. I couldn't stand to see her suffer. She died peacefully in my arms at the vet.

Do you have tips on working through our grief..especially my daughter (who is 18)? 

Thanks and my hugs to all of you out there who have lost your furbabies.

Until we see each other again my furbabies!
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Oh honey I am so sorry you have needed to find your way to this site, but it is the best thing you can do for your family.  Here we are ALL dealing with unimaginable grief and get the comfort and support needed. 

I am not sure there are any sure fire ways to get through this time.  Talking to people who understand seems to be about the best way but everyone is different.  Just seems that we ALL find a way to place guilt on ourselves no matter how much we know it isn't justified.   Let your daughter talk on this forum if it helps her. There are many young people here and it is a safe place. 

I wish you and your daughter peace and will be holding you both close during this time.  Feel free to express whatever you are feeling here.  NO judgments here ever.  The most wonderful, caring people ever are on this site just trying to help each other and heal themselves.
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I am so so sorry for your loss of Dora - and for the pain and heartache you and your daughter are going through.  Beaglemomma is right, if there is a way to get through this pain and emptiness I don't know it - its seems we are all here for that little bit of comfort and solace that helps each of us get through the moments, and the days.  I have read so much about grief and loss the past two months but what the mind takes in rationally the heart sure does not.  Dora is a much loved and important family member - a special girl for you and your daughter.  Tears are maybe the last outward expression of our love and care for our fur companions - maybe we should just let them flow. . .  Many people here have many ideas for dealing with a loss - a memorial, a scrapbook of photos and times spent together, writing to Dora and of course leaning on the wonderfully supportive and understanding people here.  Talking about Dora - talking about your feelings seems to help.  No one here judges nor ever gets tired of hearing and listening.  Warm thoughts for you and your daughter  . . .
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So sorry for your loss.

No way to get through it quickly have to let it run its course.  I'm still bereaved and grief stricken, just learned how to hide it from those who do not understand
and those who think they do from their, "You can always get another dog."  Yeah, and I can always get another friend.


October 31, 2002 - April 19, 2016 10:25 P.M.
My best friend, my companion, my love


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Hi Kirsty, I am so sorry for your loss of Dora. Its so hard trying to adjust to life without them, I lost my 17 year old dog 5 months ago and still have really bad days. Finding this site was the best thing for me, just knowing you`re not alone and the way you are feeling right now is normal - I also started a journal, which I still write in daily - all my memories, poems, I even write to Jim telling him what we`ve been doing.    Just take it a day or even hour at a time, cry as much as you need, and keep talking about Dora - she was a much loved part of your family. 
                               Sending hugs to you & your daughter
J Taylor
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Hi Kirsty, I'm so sorry for your loss of beautiful Dora. She was very special. I'm glad the end was peaceful for her. There is no easy way to get through this. I'm going in and out of denial or just trying to shut down the feelings of losing Wizberry my baby boy all black kit- he was my best friend and we had a non stop conversation going all day and night.. it's unbearable without him talking to me but I still keep talking to him anyway.  Maybe a grief counselor can help your daughter, I have been thinking about that myself. Writing in a journal may help her also.

 I cried for a few months after the loss of my first furbaby love Mitzi, our beagle. I was a teenager too then. It was really hard- It's not getting any easier. Hugs to you all <3
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I just had to put my  Spazzo Kitty Kitty to sleep,  it was the hardest thing I have ever done.  He was so sick and my vet recommended it...  I called my vet and they told me the procedure, I wanted to hold on to him another night but he was suffering so bad. I came home from being out of town, I feel like he held on until I came home, he came down the stairs and looked at me like mom I'm hurting. I called my vet right away and they told me to bring him in.. Needless to say I rushed him to the vet, they  came in gave him a relaxing shot, I held him so close, and they said they would be back in 5 minutes to give him another injection to make his heart stop, peacefully.  I had to walk out for that.  My husband stayed and came out crying, he's usually strong,  he is a firefighter / paramedic and he is trained to deal with emotions... I hardly ever see him break down.  The first day was really hard for him, he is doing ok, I can't get over this.   I miss my honey bug so much. This is so hard... My sister bought me a wind chime from this site, this is how I found you.  I'm getting his ashes back sometime this week, I'm not ready to look at them. I told my husband to pick them up and hide them, I can't picture my ( Spazzo Kitty Kitty ) honey bug in a box. He was such a cool cat, everyone loved him. I lost him so fast, I have 2 dogs and another cat this pain will not stop, I'm trying so hard to pay attention to my other animals so much, my other cat Mia will not leave my side.  This is truly a sad time in my life, Just want Spazzo Kitty to know how much I love and miss him
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Spazzo,  I am so so sorry for your loss and so sorry for your pain and loss.  You have found the right place - everyone here is so understanding and supportive.  Grief is a tough road - it is one we are all meandering through with broken hearts and weariness.  It is painful, grief is a pain - a pain in the heart and the soul.  You gave Spazzo Kitty Kitty release with dignity and peace.  Someone on this forum said to me this is an act of such great love as you took on Spazzo Kitty Kitty's pain so he no longer needed to carry it.  He knew you loved him - everyday and still does.  Your other fur companions will need your comfort and solace as you will need theirs.  Take heart that perhaps they are there for you maybe guided by Spazzo Kitty Kitty to help you.   Come here often and share your thoughts, your worries and your memories.  Warm thoughts . . .
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Spazzo and Dorasmum, I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved cats.  I know firsthand how hard it is to let them go, it hurts so much not to see them around anymore and everywhere we look we are reminded of their presence. Kirsty, your Dora was 14years old like my kitty Zizi who crossed the rainbow April 20. She also had kidney failure and it happened so suddenly and so fast.  It will be four weeks this Wednesday and I am gradually adjusting to the sad reality without her in my life. For five days I didn't eat much or leave the house and cried most of the time. Now the grief just comes in waves, triggered by a  thought or a memory, by looking at places where she used to sleep, by remembering her little gestures.

Please take care of yourself in these difficult moments, writing on this forum and in the journal has helped me and talking to people who understand (although a very few do).  I also got her ashes that are now in my bedroom and even if they bring tears to my eyes I find having them somehow comforting.

Spazzo, what makes it so hard is that you lost your kitty so suddenly and so fast. When it happens like that we are not ready to say goodbye and could not prepare ourselves for our companions' departure. In my case, I thought Zizi was doing better on her thyroid pills, she was eating, drinking, walking and using her litter box until four days before I had to put her to sleep. I was heartbroken like you are, and I still am.

I am wishing you comfort in these difficult journey. Hugs.

Zizi mom, 2002= April 20, 2016
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Thank You CKMP-
I know that Spazzo Kitty knows that I'm thinking about him.  I have picture frame on my fire place that will move if you push them.  I have a picture of my husband , my dog and Spazzo Kitty.  I was crying and looking at the pictures, all of a sudden Spazzos pictures started swaying back and forth.. It was almost like I pushed the picture, I didn't push it, I feel like that is a sign that he is ok and that he knows how much I love and miss him... Thank You for your support :)
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Spazzo and Dorasmom.. I am very sorry to read about your losses.  I started a memorial for my Winston shortly after he passed.  I write in it quite a bit.  I tell him what is going on in my life and in the neighborhood where we lived for 9 years.  Maybe that will be of some comfort to you and your daughter Dorasmom.  I hope it will   Blessings  Sue
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