On the evening of 4/9/16 I had to put my 7 y/o cat Louie to sleep. My sweet boy had a long history of urinary tract infections. I made the decision to take him to an Emergency After Hours Clinic. I assumed he had another UTI. The nurse checked his vitals which were good. The vet felt Louie's belly. Gave me a diagnosis then handed me a $1400 estimate for treatment. That's all he did! No blood work, no X-rays, no urine samples, nothing. He assumed Louie had a severe blockage. Without treatment he would die. I was so emotional and unprepared that I never even questioned the vet. I couldn't afford a $1400 treatment that may or may not work. After the vets initial visit, the rest of my time was spent with the nurse. I decided to have Louie put to sleep. I'm so mad at myself for not insisting on blood work or evidence of his diagnosis. I wasn't thinking clearly. Now here I am without my buddy. I've been crying off and on since yesterday. My heart aches for my Louie. I feel like I failed him. Please tell me this gets easier. Sending good thoughts to all of you experiencing similar heartache. xo
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Hi furmom1979,
First, I am so sorry for your loss and the pain you are going through!
When I was reading your post, I was thinking that there had to be a reason for all of the urinary tract infections which would have been so difficult for your Louie and for you. In all likelihood the vet was right and you made the decision to take his pain away but in the process you are left with this terrible process we call grief. When our pets are suffering and we have no guarantees it is a judgement call and I feel you made that call out of love for your Louie. Grief is such a difficult process but I can tell you that it does slowly get easier. I made that same decision 5 months ago today and I am glad I didn't put Bailey through any more tests, etc. He went peacefully but - living without them is a whole other thing, I know.
Please know there are people who understand what you are going though and can really sympathize!
Sending hugs and wishing you peace,
MJ :)
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Thank you MJ. This morning is a little easier than yesterday. I'm very sorry to hear about Bailey.
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You just made the most difficult decision of your live.  I know how hard it was too because I have made it  times now.  But it was the right decision.  Your little one was in pain and it didn't sound like there was much to be done.  Vet bills are horrible and they must be paid right then. 

BUT I don't think you made the decision based solely on finances.  It sounds like a LOT was going on. I know some about chronic UTI's and they are miserable.  My Molly had them as a puppy too.

We must be more compassionate with our fur babies than we usually are with people.  Don't beat yourself up over this.  You did the right thing.  Take care of yourself.  This grief is terrible.  We are here for you.
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Furmom  Very sorry to hear about your loss.  I know what it's like to not being able to afford vet bills.  Fortunately, in my case they agreed to bill me.  My regular vet told me he didn't want to put Winston under for ant testing anyway, because of his age, breathing and heart.  I feel a little better about my decision, when I remember bits and pieces of what the Vet and the Emergency Clinic told me.

I never got an exact diagnosis  on Winston either.  All I saw was the misery in his eyes, and his failing body.  I still have a lot of questions I ask myself.  Your Louie is at peace now.  God bless you   Sue
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I am so sorry you had to put Louie to sleep. It was my first time as well putting my dog Sadie down on feb 18th due to renal failure at 7 and a half years old.The decision is so tough. You did the right thing for Louie. He is at peace now. No suffering or pain. We are all here for you. Don't let the questions and guilt leave you in agony.
Wishing you peace and healing,
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