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Oh dear Bodie's dad....I feel that ache in your heart and so wish I could make it go away....for you and for me. There is something so deep and so untethered in the way we and our animals give love to one another. Every time I conjure an image or vignette in my head of Hank who at 15 years left three weeks ago, my heart feels heavy,  my eyes well and I feel a sob coming up from the depths of my belly.

All I can say is that imperative is to find others, who will welcome that honest unbrideled sadness you feel. I believe that losing BIG is the outcome of loving BIG. I wouldn't trade that for the world. 

My wish for you is your pain will lessen and heart will remain loving and open to all living wonders that surround you, human and otherwise. Love and virtual hugs to you. I'll bet you gave Bodie a wondrous loving life for the short time he was with you.
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It's been a little over a week since losing Bodie.
I picked up his ashes from the vet 2 days ago. When I opened up that box...whew! The finality of it all, hit me really hard.
My doggie friend...ashes. :o(
We are ready to begin our search for another, and will be venturing out today to find someone special.
Our Bodie will Never be replaced and will always be the best in my heart.
I try not to constantly think about our loss and my missing him, but the sadness is a constant, even if a bit behind the scenes.
The vet was extremely nice,mad was all the staff. They sent us a nice card, signed by everyone, and with his ashes there was a nice clay paw print of Bodie. Good people indeed.
Even though I am feeling better, I will continue to post on this forum, as so many people have responded to me and it was nice to know we're not alone in our grief of these special pets. :o)
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