Ruby I miss you terribly. I just woke up a little while ago in the midst of a beautiful vacation. I should be happy but I saw something about dogs on fb a few minutes ago and immediately felt an immense pain in my chest. Then I realized today is the first birthday without you by my side and that hurts so bad. I’d give anything to have you here with me again. You still have yet to visit me in my dreams so if there’s one wish I can make today it’s to see you while I sleep tonight, for us to be together. I love you my sweet angel girl. 💔
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Just saw your post and understand very well how hard the first birthday is without your sweet Ruby. Still I wish to send you my best wishes for you on your special day - I hope you will have some joy inmidst your grief.


Silvia (with Max forever in my heart)


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I "feel your longing" to have your sweet Ruby with you on your birthday.  These "first's" are really tough..... time passes and we are left to "figure out new routine".  With me, my first birthday, without my beloved fur baby was, five days after...… it was so painful.  So, I do understand your sadness and longing.

One of these nights, Ruby will visit you in your dreams.  (((Hugs)))
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Hi RubysMom,

Yesterday was apparently "National Dog Day", so I also saw many social media posts about dogs. I normally would take that opportunity to share a picture of my dog Abby, as I loved to share pictures of her, but this time was different, as she passed away last week. It was hard for me to see so many posts about the furry best friends that everyone else seemed to still have with them while I'm deeply grieving the loss of mine. 

I hope Ruby visits you in your dreams soon, I am also waiting for a visit in mine from Abby. 
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I get you, I do.  I secretly wish for my little one to visit me in my dreams.  Something, anything, to know she is ok.  I believe she is, they all are.  Dogs must go to Heaven or no one does!  I think your little one will reach out to you in some way as I think Penny will do for me. 
Mom to Penny and Charlie
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It took my Rookie 5 weeks until he came to me in my dreams...I didn't think it would happen. Wishing you a happy birthday and hoping you find a little bit of peace today. ❤
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It's my birthday today, and if I could have a wish, I'd wish to have Jasmine and Zoe back with me, both in restored health.  But we don't get to have those kind of wishes fulfilled.  
Carole, Mom to Zoe, who crossed the bridge on 7/5/18, Jasmine, who crossed on 7/14/18, and Layla, on 12/1/18, all will forever be in my heart, and ongoing mom to Roxie.
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I know just how you feel Carole. My first birthday without my babies was this past August 16 and I didn't care much to celebrate. My sister was in town with my nieces and they asked me how I wanted to spend it so we just went to the movies. No cake, no singing, nothing. My babies used to love to sing happy birthday so I could not do it without them. I imagine all the firsts without are going to be so rough. I dread the holiday season coming up.
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I'm sorry RubysMom, I remember the pain my birthdays and special occasions always brought, still do, as we think of our sweet babies. I hope you were able to enjoy your day. I believe Ruby was closer than you realized. Hugs to you!
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Thank you all for your sweet birthday wishes and happy birthday to all those whose birthdays have recently past. I’m sorry for all of us grieving the loss of our precious companions. I want to share with you that at my birthday dinner, the first wish I was made was to my my angel in my dreams that night. My girl passed on 5/26 and I haven’t seen her since but on my birthday I went to bed and fell asleep for a short time. The first thing I saw when I dozed off was my Ruby. I woke up pretty quickly with a smile. I remembered seeing her and felt her presence around me. I cried shortly after because I miss her so much but also because I just couldn’t believe what had happened. They were tears of sorrow and happiness all at the same time. I am so truly thankful to have seen and felt my girl there with me. For those of you who prayed like I have so many times to see your babies when you sleep, wishes sometimes do come true. Have faith.
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