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Leigh l am so sorry for your loss and the insensitivety of some family members l totally understand that some people just dont understand the love we have for our pets ,
the loss of my bubby 13 days ago believe it or not has been harder to handle then my own dads.
l understand about not wanting to clean anything when my Bubby passed l locked myself in one room for 3 days l couldnt bear the thought of an empty house.
One thing l have noticed with almost everyone on this forum is that we feel some sense of guilt myself included but we have all done what was best for our lovely pets.
Thinking of you and Mary
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It is very hard to 'let go' of our furbabies stuff, wipe away nose prints, sweep away hair, toss out beds, toys etc. I know. Months after helping Jas to The Bridge, indications of her were still everywhere. It takes time. I have since wiped/swept away visual evidence of Jas, given some of her stuff to a local rescue (where I just adopted Stella from) but kept some things. But Leigh, you can never wipe away your memories of Mary-they will always be with you.

And yes, rage is part of the grieving process. Even though family members are oblivious to your sadness, you have The Rainbow Bridge family now.

Cheryl and Angel Jasmine
Jasmine was loved
Jasmine was given ProIn
Jasmine is now gone
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