Hiya, I found this forum this morning after googling some things. I'm 25 and my dog pawpaw died when I was 16, I had quite alot of dreams about him when I was younger but havnt done for many years now although I never forget about him and still look at the few pictures I have of him, but last night I had a dream I was sitting in this womans house who could see him (he was still passed in this dream) and I desperately wanted to see him too then all of a sudden I did. The dream felt so real I was hugging him telling him how much I love him and was crying not wanting him to leave me again, I woke up feeling happy that I had seen him again but now have an overwhelming feeling of missing him and just wanting him with me!
Was this a visit from him or just a wild dream?
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I like to think that it was him.  We lost our dog Spenny on Monday.  My daughter was inconsolable when she went to bed. She told me in the morning that she heard Spenny's collar jingling during the night and that she thinks he came to say his is ok.   
Spenny's Mom
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