Hi, I just lost my dog yesterday. She was a German Shepard lab mix. She was very sick and have a lot of seizures . I had to put her asleep. She died at 6pm Nov 2.
She was almost 13. I am so hurt , I wish now I had never done it . She was a good dog. She watched my kids and ptotected me. I know she was sick but I keep thing maby there was a pill or something that could have taken the seizures away. There is such a big hole in my heart . I hope the pain will stop but I have been crying since yesterday . I miss her so much . If LouLou had a fault it was she loved us to much . When dose to pain stop?
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Im so sorry for your loss, 
It's a very raw and cruel time.

The guilt you have is TOTALLY normal. We have all experienced it here.
There is no right or wrong answer, there is no time limit on the pain, to be honest it never goes away but you will find ways of coping and getting on with life. 
Life will never be the same again but it does get more manageable and you do learn to cope.

You must believe you did what was best for your baby. If you think back as to why you felt you needed to in the first place I can guarantee you it was so she wouldn't feel any more pain and her quality of life had depleted.
Trust your initial gut. Your gut told you to do it as you couldn't watch your baby suffer anymore and you were right. You let her go with dignity, while she still had the ability to go outside and not soil the house, while she could still welcome you home every day, while she could still show you all the love in the world!
As hard as it is to understand at the moment one line has always stuck with me and you should read it over and over again........It is better to be one day too early in doing it than a day too late!!
We could have held onto our babies for another while but at what cost to them? They trusted us in every walk of their lives, to feed them, to love them, to give them cuddles, to help them when the hurt themselves, to have a warm loving home so why would we for our own selfishness hold onto them for them to feel nothing but misery?

It has been 1 week and 1 day since i had to make that decision for my baby boy, I miss him like mad, i feel so alone without him and the feeling of NEVER getting to see him again in person crushes my entire soul each day but I have decided to start celebrating his wonderful life and try to continue to smiling at the world in the way he made me smile every day.
Im too proud of him to let his soul die with him. I believe he is the one everyday giving me the energy, the hope and the will to survive! He is the one that has shown me its ok to cry but most importantly its ok to laugh again (think about your fun times together, smile, let those memories warm your heart) and you will survive this. 
No point lying to you, its not easy, its not going to happen over night nor is life ever going to be the same again but IT DOES GET BETTER!!

Keep posting, roar, cry, laugh, tell us all your storis, all of us here have been through it (and i have to admit if I hadnt found this Forum i really dont know where id be right now)

Be kind to yourself, you need your own compassion too,

Love and hugs x 

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Please don't feel guilty for what you have done. What you have done is the biggest gift you can give to your pet. You have taken away all Lou's pain and suffering and she will love you for that. All you can do it try and remember all the good times you had together, the joy you brought to her life and the joy she brought to yours. I know first hand how difficult it is to put a much loved pet to sleep. I've had to do it recently myself and 6 weeks on I still feel sadness and guilt, from what I read on here though it's completely normal to feel this way. Lou is at peace now. It was only yesterday so I can imagine the pain and sadness right now is at it's worst but over time you will feel better about things and be able to remember the good times.

Take care
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I know your pain. My fiancé and I had to help our sweet Snickers cross the rainbow bridge on October 31. She was a feisty 12 year old Corgi until a month ago when she became ill and we found she had a brain tumor. She began suffering from seizures just like your sweet Lou. We had finally gotten the seizures under control but only with the help of some very strong medication which ultimately overloaded her liver and caused her to worsen and the seizures returned. We knew she was miserable and oddly enough when we finally made the hardest decision she seemed relieved. She was smiling at us as if we had finally understood what she had been trying to tell us, that she was ready to no longer be in pain and having to take medications around the clock. So try not to dwell on the idea that there may have been some magical pill to help, every pill has its side effects which may often times be worse than the illness it aims to help. You did all you could for your sweet Lou and she knows that. The pain you feel will be there for some time, you just have to feel it unfortunately, there is no way around it. Be kind and patient with yourself and take comfort in knowing your sweet Lou is not sick anymore and that she is with you just not in the physical form you knew. She may even send you some subtle signs to show you she is near and well, be open to the signs, they are a great comfort.
Take care
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So sorry about your loss and your pain. I know all too well how you feel. I had to say goodbye to my 12 year-old lab, Leo, last Friday and it was a very hard decision to make. I kept wanting to be sure that it was the right time. I set the appt up for the vet to come to my house on Friday morning and on Thursday night he vomited some blood and I knew it was the right time. I don't believe that any of us, know our furry friends as well as we do, would make a bad decision in this regard. You know what he was going through and what he was able to handle and you made the right decision to end the suffering. You really did. Please try to not feel guilty about this. As others have said it's the greatest gift we can give them. Living in pain is no life.

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