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Thank you Sharon...  I live rural now on several acres and before I lived in a neighborhood with just a yard, so that is why i say my dog spends most of his time outside... he can come in when he wants, but he loves it outside mostly during the day.  He has brought me possums and small raccoons though so he is never left out at night.  He is obviously better suited to living in the country.  He loves to howl as well.  Since he is out a lot, my bunny has run of the house here in a safe manner.  I also did forget to say above that the first Saturday in December, I found a very small kitten in our electrical barn.  She has been my shadow ever since... she and bunny are best friends.  I find them on my couch together or the chairs.  They are inseparable.  I will try to add pics.  So, in the end, i have healed and found room in my heart for more critters.  LOL.  
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I'am very glad you've been able to get past your Dog's part in the loss but I must admit I'am surprised given that you needed more time than you thought would. I hope you've come to feel less guilty yourself. I must also say that I'am happy for you about the move to a rural area and the finding of the Cat. You are resilient.
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You should be proud of the healing progress you've made. I remember your story last year and I really felt for you. And it's always so heart warming to hear of people opening their homes and hearts to new pets despite their grief. This really is the way to channel the grief into something positive and healing since there are so many creatures to open our hearts up to. Thanks for your update.

~Our Love is eternal & 'death' cannot sever the bond we created. The spirit never dies. The Love, bond, & spirit are ours to cherish always. That is a gift that will never be taken away~
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