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I am truly sorry for your loss. Trust me, I do understand the pain that you are dealing with. I can relate to what happened to your Toby: I used to own a black cat called Schwarzenegger who also got ran over by a car. It happened almost 6 years ago but I still think about him every single day. Do not feel guilty about anything. There is nothing that you could have done. I know it is extremely hard to come up with comforting thoughts in such situation but it does not sound like your Toby had time to suffer. My Schwarznegger got hit in the head and did not have time to suffer as well. Thinking about this kept me afloat. My heart goes out to you. 
JB Burger
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Hi JB,

Thank you so much for your reply to my post, and I’m so sorry for your Schwarzenegger. These types of losses are incredibly terrible (all really are) Just one second I had him in my arms and the next second literally burying him and saying goodbye. But I don’t like to think I said goodbye- I believe I’ll see him again. And we have their memories 🤍 happy ones. I do agree that it gave me a bit of solace knowing that impact was so hard and sudden that my Toby didn’t suffer long, which would have really hurt. Day by day it gets easier and I know I’ll never forget him. 

Thank you so so much, I hope all is well.
 - Jessi

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