I had to put my boy Buddy to sleep on May 28.  He had cancer of the spleen and had no symptoms until a week before he died. He was so sick at the end of his life; it happened so suddenly. Buddy was 11 when he died, and we adopted him from a shelter 9 years ago.  I am retired and he was my constant companion throughout the day, someone to take care of and give all my affection to. I feel so lost without him. I miss our walks together.  I have had other pets throughout the years and I know the pain will get better in time, but right now I feel so desolate and just miss him so much.  Everywhere I look in the house, I can picture him.  He loved car rides with his head out the window and adored Beggin Strips.  He was gentle, sweet and well behaved.  He was a Beagle and Saluki mix, just a handsome dog.  Everyone in the neighborhood loved him.  I hope there is a heaven for dogs and is in peace now.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. It is horrible. I am feeling your pain. I lost my 14 year old lab on Friday. I'm 50 years old and I have been crying like a little baby since I let him go. The pain is unbearable. I wake up in the middle of the night crying and reach over to hold my wife's hand. Over the years people have told me they lost their dog I told them how sorry I was but I never realized how devastating their pain was until now. It is without a doubt the worse thing I have ever been through. 
I pray for everyone that has lost a pet.
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