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A major disaster strick me , at the time of , funeral of my bun. I just could not do injustice to its dead body,by ceemating, throwing or burying near my place. So i went, half poisoned, in a suicide attempt , cause ,i did not want to live without ,my only life friend ,my only witness to my pqin ,my only companion in all things ,to be treated like any other animal s ,i reared before and died. I travelled two days ,to a hilly terrain, to get h cremated in a peaceful place. Atleast ,that ,after death he should know peace. But ,in this way, i was suspected ,without reason(a conspiracy of darkness), somepolice assaulted me, in that hilly place ,after the hotle i tried to stay there for a day, reported me to be a terorist. The police seized ,my buns bag, saw his body. THEY WERE ALL IDOLATERS,WHO ATTACKED ,FALSELY REPORTED ,AND GOT ME BEATEN, A WOMAN.
ALL THEIR ATTACKS INTENTION WAS TO SEE MY BUN S BODY. (As if , their whole clans sins were to be remedied ,indoing so) .
This incident ,is the mainreason, i feel ,my buns soul is in grip of demons. I am not lying. I saw how ,every of those ,who attacked me, were cruelly satisfied ,on seeing my dead bun.
I dont know, in which realm ,in which world ,or what way ,i can ever help my departed ,my dearest one,he was so close to my life, outside of which ,was only hell wreckage,bcos of my mother. Now he is not there. Neither is his soul at peace. He did not even get a peaceful funeral, as if he was the worst ever criminal before God. I am in tears. he never did anything wrong against god, when he ws alive ,no not even to my farhest knowledge. He loved god so much. Why has God done this to him and me. He is supposed to be , peacefully released, to his another world. But to my knowledge, it seems a big chaos is around his soul.
Pls understand me. HOW CAN I EVER HELP HIM NOW.
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