My sweet Puffy passed away on June 6, at 1:30 am. There are no words to describe how terrible, miserable I feel, my sweet boy was 17 years old and was suffering from kidney and liver failure. He passed away peacefully in our home surrounded by loved ones. I am truly heartbroken. I want to cry I miss my Sweet Puffy, he was my best friend and will forever be in my heart. No words can describe how meaningful he was for our family. He was a family member, he was the baby, my baby. I will always remember his beautiful soul, he brought so much happiness to me. my baby I will always love and remember you and hope to one day re-unite with you one day. I am devastated by your loss, I am filled with so much sadness tonight that I want to cry, I wish I could hold you in my arms and warm your body and pet your fur with your mickey mouse blankly and hug you Puffy and never you let go. I will forever honor you, you were and are a huge part of my life, a part of me died when you took your last breath. I love you Puffy, I never want to let go, I wish you were still here. Puffy I love you. My baby Puffy I love you forever.        
Natalie V.
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I am new to this forum but I wanted to let you know how sad I am to read about your sweet pet, Puffy. Sorry for your loss! Monty
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Hiya Natalie
I am sorry of your loss of Puffy, it is an absolutely wrenching time. It is amazing how intertwined our guys are to our lives and the enormous gaping hole they leave when they are not here. You are right that they are family members. I was with my girl much, much more than with any other human, even my kids, which is why their loss is so great and so hard.
I think that our guys are waiting for us at the Bridge, spending there days running and playing and hiding and resting in shady comfy spots and out of pain and full of health.
I hope you are finding things a wee bit more manageable today.

Hiya Monty,
I hope your day today is also bearable.

Take care and bset wishes
Michelle &Patches
Patches mum
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