We said goodbye to Max today. He had a peaceful passing. This isn’t the first time for us but it has been 10 years since we said goodbye to good old Sparky. It is so sad and my heart is broken.

We were the 4th or 5th family for Max in his first year. His first owner died of cancer and he was passed along through a network of loving friends until he made his way to my neighbor Paula and then to us. Paula has been a loving co-parent with us to Max for the last 11 years. He would have been 13 in September.

We already had a dog and Max was a great partner until today when we said goodbye. Our other pup is now looking for him. She will be ok but her partner in fun, love and adventure is gone.

Max had health problems throughout his life. Nothing that he couldn’t take on with support from our veterinarian until this year when his pancreas levels indicated either pancreatitis or incurable pancreatic cancer. He had Lyme disease, then arthritis, Cushings disease and this year after his blood levels indicated problems with his pancreas and he started to rapidly lose weight and muscle loss but never enthusiasm and love for us. He lived for 5 months He wanted to walk but he couldn’t walk much so we bought him a wagon and he loved it. He never showed us that he felt pain but it’s impossible that he didn’t.

He stopped eating and drinking water on Friday. He had a few bites and a few sips sometimes when offered but he could barely stand and couldn’t pee. We listened to the vegetarian when he suggested that we owed him a peaceful, painless passing and we did exactly that.

We owe him so much more for the love, friendship, loyalty and devotion he gave us.

Max = ❤️

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Dear Eileen,

I am very saddened and sorry to learn of your loss of your beloved Max. Thank you for sharing his and your story and that wonderful photo. Which is just beyond enchanting. Max looks very content and cozy in it and the scenery is divine. He must have loved living where you reside.

My boy was named Marmalade (an orange and white Tabby cat) and he too was around 13 years old and always had chronic health problems, since I first encountered him in the high desert of New Mexico, 850 miles from my place of residence in Los Angeles, Ca. Marmalade also slowly stopped eating and drinking until he could no longer. I know he was also in pain and I chose to end his suffering the way that you and yours did for Max.

May you and yours travel through time and heal the best you can. Thank you for adopting Max when you did and for providing him with such a loving, kind and comforting home for as long as you did.

Kind regards,

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Thank you James ❤️ Still numb but know that helping Max pass was our only choice. He was such a happy loving fellow and he never shared his pain with us. Marmalade sounds wonderful and we are both lucky to have had these friends share part of our lives.
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My deepest condolences on your loss. Your story touched my heart. I’m so glad you gave Max a beautiful life and a peaceful good bye when he needed to go. I know it’s so hard. Wishing you peace.
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Thank you. First day post Max. Miss him so much.
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Hi Eileen,

I am so sorry about the passing of your sweet Max.  I loved the photo of him in his little red wagon and how special that you still "walked" with him up until the end; you were a devoted Mom.  Many of our pets had a rough or even mysterious start in life, but it sounds like your Max was lucky to have found such a loving and stable home with you.  I also had to make the terrible decision to end my sweet Daisy's suffering 1 year ago last week.  It was the hardest thing I have ever done. Though it broke me completely, I know I gave her the best life and peaceful passing I could.    The first days, weeks and months are hard and there are days when our hearts break all over again just remembering the sweet soul we lost.  Be kind and patient with yourself as you navigate through the process.  It is different for everyone and takes a lot of time and care.

Just know that you are not alone on your journey, there are so many here that can help, sometimes by just listening and understand the depth of your loss.  I am not sure how well I would had fared without the advice and understanding on my own thread "Adoption After Loss".  I knew I needed a companion and about 4 months after my Daisy's passing, I wanted to adopt again, but that process proved to be very difficult.  Eventually I found my way to an 8 week old puppy in need of a home.  It was not easy and my decision was not completely supported by my family, but it was the right thing for me to adopt her and the folks here helped me tremendously.  My puppy is now 11 month old and such a love.  She by no means replaced Daisy; she is her own unique soul who brings such light into my life...hence her name "Luna".  There can be love, life and light after loss.

Wishing you peace,
Lori, Daisy's Mom and now Luna's Mom
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Thank you and today it is a week. Eleven years ago when I lost my 13 year old dog Dina. I immediately found Anya and then Max made his way to us the following year. For a brief period we had good old Sparky and the two young dogs. Sparky had cancer and we said goodbye to him when he was also 13 in 2009.

I reflect that we were not looking for a beautiful, fluffy white dog like Max. Max had many owners his first year and he was meant to be with us. I knew that immediately and he was, without a doubt, meant to be our dog and a great companion for Anya.

Your Daisy sounds like a wonderful soul and, while I struggle with the dog heaven/rainbow bridge concept I know that there is no greater joy then to spend time on earth with the people and pets that we love.

Yes Max was lucky to have us and we were so lucky to have our little darling sweet Max. He would have been 13 in September.

So a question that is harder than the chicken and the egg. Who is the lucky one and who rescues who? In our case it was both of us!

I miss my sweet Max and he’s forever in my heart and soul.

Thinking of you and Daisy.

☮️ ❤️ 🌈
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