Its been 2 weeks today since you left us. My heart is still in a million pieces. I want you back so very badly, im reduced to a sobbing mess almost daily. I would give anything to have you back in my arms again and safe. You gave me the best 20 years of my life. I knew your time was getting limited in this life, but for the most part you were very healthy. I think I could have handled the fact that fairly soon you would go to the Bridge, but not as tragic as you did. Why did you go near the road my darling--you never did that. I feel so much guilt because I was so sick that Firday night when you wanted to come in--and I put you back outside. If I had only known. I miss our daily talks and I miss you putting your little paw on me just to get attention. I want that back. I dont know what normal is anymore--I cant seem to do anything but cry over you. Please let me know that you are ok. I am so very sorry my baby.

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I'm so sorry for the pain and grief you are going through.  I know it's so dang hard.  I know how hard it is to accept the loss of our furbabies.  It's not fair and it's so hard to be without them.  I miss my girl so much too, it's been a month today since she's been gone from my life.  I'm so sorry for you sandyb.  My heart goes out to you.

Tootie ~ Sep. 1, 2000 - Sep. 4, 2010
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I am very sorry that you are in such pain.  I lost my beloved Ted on 7/7 to a car as well.  We do the best we can for them and they offer us unconditional love in return.  It is so lonely without their warm little bodies to snuggle against.  I understand your pain and can only offer that it does subside with time.  
Barbara Lyngarkos
My Beloved Ted 8/7/2005 - 7/7/10
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I so understand your pain. I am sorry, I will keep you in my prayers. Judy

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Oh, sandyb, I would give anything if you had not lost her in a way that leaves you feeling guilty and wishing you had done something differently.  Sometimes I just feel like saying 'Why oh why do these things have to happen this way?"   You gave her 20 years of love and devotion and I promise that is what your baby remembers.   You were sick and I hope, with time, you will not blame yourself.  She is in a happy place and I hope she sends you a sign soon.  Please keep an eye out for a sign letting you know she is OK.   
I'm so sorry you are feeling so much sadness and heart-ache.  My heart hurts for you.  My thoughts and prayers are with you.  
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Sandy: i will pray for you. You gave your baby 20 wonderful years of love and devotion. I hope the sign you seek comes soon. I understand your pain. God bless.

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