Almost a month ago my beloved child passed away I think because of veterinarian negligence. He was Just 6 months old and he was so cute and it hurts so effing bad. I'm watching dogs that look like him and photos of him younger and it hurts. He was so innocent.

It started one night he was vomiting and we just let it go and he got better, playing an everything. I should've talked him to the vet right away... So... On the early morning he was vomiting again, clearly suddenly anemic. We took him to the vet, but it wasn't his vet, it was another vet from other place, because we were desesperated I wasn't with him, my boyfriend and "lead of the pack" was. I was on a reunion, and wasn't with him at his very last moments. I thought I buried him alive. He had to seizures and the second one he was gone. I blame myself also for not giving him air. The vet just told me "oh he just passed away" as I watched him and tough he was sleep... I didn't said goodbye... I want to demand the veterinary but I already buried him. He died because of erlichia but you tell me. I asked other vet from the place, that took a younger puppy with the same disease that came from the same place that killed my sweet child. And th other puppy lived. Why did I took him to that place... He could be with us right now happy...

My boyfriend wants to get another puppy, but we are afraid, we are getting the puppy tomorrow. He looks like him, he has the name we were going to put to our child. We are not trying to replace him because he is unrepeatable. But it was a casualty and we think it may help living with the fact that our other first child is gone. I miss him do much, I need him. Why didn't I took him earlier to other vet.. God...
The only gave him serum because they were waiting for the results. Not Valium or anything...
The other vet with the other puppy I asked, told me that maybe the cause of the seizures is that maybe they didn't gave him the right amount of serum and diluted his blood and that he has many other dogs coming from that clinic... I don't know how to live like this... It's not fair... I'M DYING. I don't know what to do, he could be with me...
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Its not your fault that your baby past away. Sometimes vomitting is innocent and doesn't mean anything. My baby girl that passed away used to vomit on occasion but she was never sick when she did.
It was a freak thing. There's no way you could've known that your baby was sick. Don't put the blame on yourself.
Most likely the vet was giving him either ringers or saline and giving him a lot because he was probably very dehydrated from his sickness. It might not have been the vets fault but it also could've been. But what's important now is to grieve over the loss of your baby and not how it happened. I struggle with that all the time. My baby died only six days ago because she was hit by a truck and the driver didn't stop. I hate the driver. I have so much anger for him. But I know that for my baby Sophie's memory, I need to think about all the times I had with her and how much I loved her. I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish you all the luck with the new puppy
Sophie 2008-12/11/15
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I agree, at 6 months old, the best thing you can do for your own sanity is try again.  Maybe give the new puppy a different name though?  It's up to you.

I too have had moments of anger at the vet, at myself, after losing my precious kitty after 17 years... but that won't bring her back.  Nothing will.  All it will do is make me bitter, and while pain eventually goes away, bitterness stays with you.  It seeps into your bones, and oozes from your pores, and it hangs over you like an angry thunder cloud

Get your new puppy as soon as possible and try to make peace with the tragic, sudden loss of this one.  You will find joy again soon, I promise.

I am so sorry for this terrible loss.
Rachel (Cuddles's mommy)
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