I got Chi when she was barely 6 weeks old. I trained her to use a litter box because I am in a wheelchair. She followed me (sometimes under my chair ) everywhere for her entire life. July she got sick, UTI they said, she got better really fast. A week ago one day horribly I'll 104.4 temp no eat, no urine, no bowel movements. Veterinarian said on xray showed kidney stones 4 of them 1 was blocking the ureter. Urine was backing up in the kidney causing severe pain. I had the best Veterinarian staff ever. They sedated her and brought her to me, we had 15 minutes, she licked my nose and hands. Then the Vet came in and shaved her paw and gave her the injection. IT was over in less than 5 seconds. SHE was very calm, I was not....even though I was told how it would all take place, it was still so very heartbreaking. This was yesterday...at 11:30 pm. I called my doctor and she called me out a sedative because I could not stop crying. It helped me to be able to breathe. Breathing was hard as we left the Vets office. I'm going to have just her cremated, and just her ashes put in a heat shaped wooden box....to keep. She was my sweetheart now and forever. Thank-you for your time reading this story about my precious fur baby.
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So sorry to hear about your loss of Chi. I am going through this as well so I know exactly how excruciating the pain can be. I hope you can find some peace soon. 
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I am so sorry you lost your beautiful Chi! It was so brave of you to put her needs first and to let her go since she was suffering. I believe she was calm at the end because she knew you were there for her. It's so hard now, going forward without her. I understand and am so sorry for your pain! Sending you hugs,
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