I came home from school all excited to see my chickens so I went to look for them and I saw that they were dead and I couldn't hold back tears. To this day I am still mourning there death and my past pet's death. I fell deeply in love with them. No one seems to understand that pain that I feel inside right now...
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Oh jazzy101, I am so sorry! What happened to them? You said you came home from school and they had all died?
Oh poor little things. I send you my kind thoughts and deep condolences.
One thing is for sure. As you loved them so much, they also loved you. You fed them, gave them your love, and looked after them. You did a wonderful thing. Love for others is the best thing we could ever do, or give.

Birds are amazing. They know a heck of a lot. They are very intelligent and loving,

I have a Crow friend. A wild Crow, and he has visited me for 2-3 years now. He has made such a lovely bond of friendship with me, and I am honoured.

You are not alone with your loss. We all know here, what it feels like to lose loved ones of a different species to ourselves.
They are all Souls.

Fly free in Spirit beautiful Chickens!
Hold the love like a little light. It is all you have, or will ever have, to find your way home.

Misty's Blog..a Dogfight with Cancer http://www.mistysblog69.blogspot.co.uk

Misty's life after death: http://www.dog2spirit.com
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I’m so sorry Jazzy! The pictures are so cute! I can see why you love them so much. I love what Mistysmama said: they are all souls. They’re all special and beautiful. Take Care honey! Hugs to you!
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Dear Jasmine, 

I was so, so sorry to read of your loss. Those are wonderful photos of your chickens that you shared with us. There are many here who do understand how you are feeling sweetie. We have people who have lost all kinds of beloved animals. Including lizards, birds, horses, hamsters, guinea pigs, just about all kinds.

When I was a boy my Mother surprised my sister and I with two baby ducks for Easter and they grew up under our my wing per say. Each morning I would fill a child's pool with water and they would become very, very excited and jump right in and flap their wings. And if I ran they would follow after me running flapping their wings and learning how to fly. They were very emotional and smart and kind. So I can imagine how you were close with your chickens. They are also very smart.

I am glad that you loved them the way that you did and do, and I'm sure they realized that and appreciated your fondness for them.

Kind regards and my sincerest condolences,
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Jazzy101 - We can connect with all living creatures, be they furred, feathered, scaled, or anything else. I'm so sorry for your tremendous loss; it must have been such a shock for you.

Know that we understand how it feels to lose animal companions dear to us. Sending you a big hug. 
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Jasmine, that is horrible. What a horrible thing to come home to. You are allowed to be sad. You are allowed to grieve. It means you loved.
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