I have lost my friend last monday May 18th. Her name was Chewbacca,Chewy. She was Cavapoo. She was 13 years and 3 months old. On April 22 she had a stroke and her right side got completely paralyzed. My vet did xray,he said he didn't see any cancer and her heart was fine. He said there is nothing can be done and prescribed prednisone. First time she walked was next day and she got 80% recovered in 10 days. I think she may had developed cushings or diabetes , because in past few months she started to drink alot and was more hungry . At that time i didn't think anything of it, because she always loved her food.
Sunday may 17th she was fine and usual herself. Early Monday morning she developed tachypnia ,which she also had when she had her first stroke. She was still eating well and walked well. I took her outside and let her walk around. She made one circle and then suddenly couldn't come back to me. When i picked her up to take inside she went limp in my arms ,then she stopped breathing, had short seizure and died.
I tried CPR, but it didn't work. I think it was another emboli.
The hardest part was to let go of her body. The fear of never seen her again almost killed me. I kept petting and holding her body and couldn't let go for a while. I finally layed her down and she looked like she was asleep. My sweet baby girl. She was so kind and sweet. She lover everyone and everything. She loved me with all her beart and was always waiting for me by the door after work. I cried endlessly for 3 days.
Chewbaccas death was unexpected and so awful. I miss her so much. The only thing helps right now is her videos and pictures. I keep playing her videos over and over. I can't believe she is gone. I am hurting so bad. I can't breathe, i can't sleep or eat. I am living in nightmare. 

Thank you for reading.
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Do sorry for your loss.. praying for you..
Chris Norris
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My deepest condolences to your loss of lovely Chewbacca. You absolutely did everything you can do. I also lost my sweet baby on May 4th. I miss her like crazy and the day of her passing I had a fear of reaching out because I didn't want it to be real. I cried so hard I got congested and got sick multiple times and would only cry in intervals in the following days. A nightmare it truly is and not just because of the sudden loss but because of quarantine and the shortening of summer vacation. I had plans to truly live the best life with my girl who had lyphoma. It was 9 days and then i said goodbye. No words can describe heartbreak but the tearing sounds of paper being shredded. Its been a few weeks but the tight pain in my chest and the resounding ache in my heart still sits there empty. I could never find comfort until i came here. So I hope it helps to hear you are not alone and im going through it too. In lighter words of comfort I find that remembering them helps heal your heart. Although there are plenty of ways to get through it and the best i was told was to do only what you feel comfortable with. Take it one step at a time. Remember to take care of yourself think how Chewbacca just wants to see you smile and be happy. Start small and build on it. Hugs!  You can do this. 🙂
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Thank you Chris.
Thank you Rosey12298.
I am sorry for ur loss...
In past week, I've learned that my main grief is related to her not enjoying her life anymore. I am not sure how to explain it. Its like ,if i go somewhere ,and we used to go to that place together ,and it was her favorite thing to do ,all i have in my mind is- she is no longer can enjoy rides and walks at the park with me. I feel she is gone too early. My husband told me she was like a clock. she would sit by the front door 30 minutes before my return from work. I miss her nose pushes when she was begging for treat. I miss Her smell,everything about her. I took her to every vacation and i can't bare to go anywhere right now knowing, she is not coming to enjoy it with us. 
Thank you yall for understanding. Hugs.  FB_IMG_1590135489110.jpg 
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Such a little angel, your Chewy! I’m so sorry for the loss of that sweet pup.

Wishing you strength and healing!

Jim Allen
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Thank you Jim. My friends made me large photo album with my babies pictures. I carry it with me and look at her pictures often. It makes me feel better. I feel like she is with me at all times. 

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