I just put my oscar to sleep yesterday, 13 yrs old had cancer and heart problems,  he was weak and had to feed him with a syringe,  vet said he didn't have much left, oscar died peacefully, without pain, he was looking at me, I told him thank you, that I love him, and that he was the best boy ever,.Yesyerday night I smelled his bed, closed my eyes and I imagined him. I slept with his collar next to me, I never thought it will be like this that I would miss him so much.
I just want to sleep and dream with oscar
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I know the grief is has been six weeks since I lost my boy Monty my darling cat. Monty slept on my pillow with me and the loss was heart breaking.

Never a day goes pass when I do not shed a tear...but they are now tears of happy memories and funny times we shared together.

Oscar will not want to see you sad and he is in your heart...he will never leave you.

Come on here as many tines as you want and talk about Oscars life as we would love to hear about him...the kind people will help you through your loss.

Take Care 

Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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Thank you! ❤ I'm  sorry about your Monty!
Putting my feelings in writing is helping!
It wasn't hard to take the decision b/c he was really sick, is just the empty space in my house and heart that he left, I can't even look at his pictures right now, but time heals everything and one day, when I think of him... I'll smile!!!...thank you again ❤❤
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I'm so sorry about your loss of Oscar. I know exactly what you mean about wanting to sleep and dream with Oscar. It was 4 weeks ago today for me, when Cobber left (he was only 7), and I miss him so much. There are times when it feels somewhat less painful, then others where it's like it just happened and I feel crushed and alone all over again. There is no rushing grief... 
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