Yesterday my cat Yuna passed away in my arms.
She was diagnosed with kidney problems and with the special renal food she was doing well (with the ups and downs) until Saturday evening. Every night I go sleep knowing she will be there morning except Saturday evening. I had a feeling she will not make it tonight. I put my air mattress down and sleep next to here. When I wake up during the night I check if she was still alive. Sunday morning I took here on my lap. All here strength was gone. That Saturday she was still waiting for me on the stairs. 

I put towel around here and put here on my lap. I give here kisses and stroke here body. Within 1 hour she took here last breath. I cried for hours. Made here pretty again and brush here tail. 

It feels empty without here. I had yuna from 8 weeks old till yesterday when she passed away at age of 12 😪
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I am so sorry to hear of your loss of your beloved Yuna. You have done the right thing by coming to this forum as people are very supportive & compassionate and it has helped so many of us. Renal failure is a tricky disease, I lost my beautiful Chihuahua to it & I was nursing her towards the end. It broke me & I miss her more than anything else in the whole world...Your baby passed with your love & warmth around her & is at peace. I am sure you have so many beautiful memories of her & when you feel ready & able to, please share them with us on here. You are in my thoughts.

Sending you comfort
(Daisy's mummy)
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So sorry about Yuna.  You had a wonderful life with her and she was lucky to have a Dad like you.  My own Patchy-cat passed away one week ago at 19 from kidney failure.  I wish I could have let him die at home, but I had to have him put down because he was in pain.  My heart goes out to you.  Bless you.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss of Yuna.
You were with her when she passed away in your arms and she know that and she knows how much you loved her and that you gave her a good loving home and life. She was lucky to have crossed paths with someone as caring as you. We just don't realize how much our little ones mean to us until we have to say goodbye, it's truly heart breaking and leaves such a sad empty space. Ten weeks ago we had to say goodbye to my special bud and make the painful decision after he was diagnosed with an inoperable mass in his abdomen. He was 16, my big black cat Albert. I'm still heart broken. Our little ones leave their paw prints on our broken hearts and although it's so hard to say goodbye we know they are in a better place no longer in pain or suffering. Her spirit and good memories will always be part of your soul.
I hope this forum can help you through this painful time as it has helped me.
My deepest sympathies.
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Thank you all for those lovely reaction. It really does me good and helps me a lot. 

Today was a difficult day. Because of Easter everything was closed until today. 
Today was the day I bring Yuna away to funeral service. I discuss my wishes and had informal talk with the lady.
She will be cremated and return home to me next week. They make a inkt paw print and a piece of hair. 
It will weird and good,  a last stroke,  a last kiss to here. A placed a rose, a toy mouse and small card where I wrote "thank you for being your owner".

Thank you again for the support and your personal stories!
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I am so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Yuna. I am sure you brought her comfort as she passed, being able to be held in your loving arms. They never stay with us long enough, and their love is so pure and unconditional. I believe animals give is a glimpse of heaven through their love and that’s why the loss hurts so deep. I lost my sweet kitty Cloud yesterday due to cancer. I have no words to describe how empty the house is without her. I am glad we can all be here for each other. We understand what this loss feels like. 
Sherry Morgado 
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