Peter (Left) & Olivia are the first fur babies I had with my husband. I lost peter Friday evening. He was only 7 & vet said likely heart attack. I keep going over the last few minutes of his life. It happened so quickly. I can’t sleep or eat. I keep thinking maybe I should’ve gave him diet food. Or took him regularly for check up. I lost my little boy & he wasn’t here long & it’s so upsetting he went so soon. I look around the house & there are constant reminders. He was unique and made me laugh & such a sweet boy. It is so painful I’m crying a lot. I don’t know what to do with myself. 

Lynn, Peter’s mom 
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Though Peter was only seven I am sure in those seven years his life was crammed with love from and he loved you very much

Remember all the loving and funny times you had with Peter...he would not want to see you so sad.

Take Care 

Ellen x
Ellen Hague
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I’m so sorry for your loss.  I know how you feel. My beloved dog Pecan passed away unexpectedly 17 Weeks ago.  She was happy and healthy until 6:30pm on March 19th and passed away at 4am on March 20th as soon as we rushed her to the emergency.  She had no symptoms except for having a bowel movement on the couch as she was sleeping and being lethargic.  We will never know the cause of death.  The vet said either heart attack, stroke or aneurysm possibly cancer.  She was my soulmate, best friend and my confidant.   Adored her and loved her with all my heart.  I still cry everyday but could not leave the bed I’m for the first 3 weeks. Maybe our pets left Us the way the left us to save us and themselves from months of medication, vet visits, surgeries and suffering.  Please be kind to yourself. It takes time.  We are all here for you and feel your pain. 
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