Hey! My name is Marie and yesterday my 12 year old cat was hit by a car and passed away. I’m currently doing a gap year in Australia so I’m not at home and can’t be with my family. I have skyped with them and we have cried together but I just feel incredibly lonely and guilty that I’m not able to say goodbye to my cat. I’m working as an AuPair and my hostfamily don’t have pets and don’t really understand how painful the loss of a pet can be so I still need to work fulltime and don’t feel like I really have the time to grief. Does anyone have any tips that could make the situation easier for me? Thanks in advance.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. The people in this Forum are so'll find everyone here understands what you're going through. You may find comfort in this article:  How to Grieve the Loss of a Cat.

We Don't Move On from Grief, We Move Forward with It
Coping with Grief: The Ball & the Box

I hope these links help. My thoughts and prayers go with you.
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Dear Marie,

I am so, so sorry to learn of your recent loss of your beloved cat. We are heartbroken for you sweetie. Thank you for coming here to the Rainbow Bridge Forum.

I used to wonder what my cat "Marmalade" thought whenever I had to depart the warehouse where we lived together for awhile. Where did he think I went? That he could not go with me? And I finally realized he must assume that I was just out "hunting", as I would much of the time return with food from the grocery store. Or he must have thought I was out on a "walkabout" as they call it down under in Australia, where you are currently, and that it wasn't safe for him to accompany me. So your cat must have assumed you were just out hunting, or doing what we at times mysterious humans do. But I am sure your cat used to think about you and must have missed you, for you to post here and share your loving thoughts, heartfelt feelings and fond memories of him. It is so, so obvious how much you loved, cherished and adored your boy. I am so glad that your paths crossed when they did all those years ago and that he was loved and loved in return.

What I can recommend you do, in regard to your work there, is come here to this forum, if you need to talk about how hurt and saddened you are. I wouldn't discuss your grief with those around you, if they do not seem very, very open to doing so. Most people simply can't. Or they are afraid to discuss loss. This was the case in my life, so I came here. I would put on a brave face with my business associates and then come here to share that I was overwhelmed with grief, remorse and regret at the loss of my boy. They would be speaking to me, knowing full well about my recent loss and how much Marmalade meant to me, and yet they would blabber on. And I would be counting the seconds and minutes until they stopped talking so that I could be alone again with my grief.

The good news is there are wonderful, compassionate, understanding, loving and very kind people here. And many wise people. And so, so many stories have been posted here with great wisdom and thought. The members here literally saved my life. We are with you now in spirit. We no know of and will remember your cat. Thank you for sharing photos of him.

Kind regards & my sincerest condolences,
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