My indoor cat was not even 13 and died suddenly a week and a half ago She always would lay across my chest like a baby and reach up and pet my face. And at bedtime she should always sleep by my feet. She wasn’t there the morning I woke up. So called home later when others in the house are up, I get up real early. Assumed she was sick and hiding, so wanted others to check on her. They never found her. When I got home I found her passed away in the closet that was open. Before this was not sick at all So was a real shock to me. Some backstory is that my wife and me have two cats. One is her baby and this one, stinky, was my baby girl. My wife has a traumatic brain injury that has caused some ongoing amnesia, and also has some pretty severe depression. So home life can be pretty stressful and difficult. Every day I know I would at least get some happiness and joy from my loving cat. Without that, I come home to not expecting any joy, and I really miss having the happiness my baby gave me. Idk what to do to feel better
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I am so sorry. I know your pain. I woke up one morning to go to work and my sweet boy Roary wasn’t there to greet me as he always did. He looked up at me from the bottom of the steps where I saw him and called to him. He slowly laboriously climbed the steps and got half way ad started panting. He was was dying. Rushed to the vet, big long story, but he died. I am broken. It’s been months and I am somewhat better as time does ease the acute pain somewhat. I subscribe to the “ball in the box” theory of grief which I recommend you google for explanation. Anyway, it will was in time, but the loss is immense. Being a caregiver is so difficult as I know that role as well. You deserve a cat to love you. I hope in time you will give another cat in need a home. But on your own schedule. I know no other cat can replace the one you lost. I wish you peace
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