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Janice, the beginning is rough, we get so attached to them, they are our best friend, sorry you feel the big loss, being in a fog is normal. Im still sad over Nina, she was such a great cat, such a great personality. It helped to cry the first couple of weeks. It was a honor to Boots that you donated Boots toys and supplies to other cats that need them.

I just decided to adopt a cat in honor of Nina, it’s a grey tabby just like her but he’s a male, he is very scared and has a history of an eye problem. He can see but has no eye lashes and some scarring on one eye, he was rescued and had severe conjunctivitis. No one was going to adopt him probably. I’m glad to honor Nina in this way.

One day at a time. Hugs.
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Hi Julie,

This has been some journey. Yesterday I got my angel statue holding a cat. Put that near my pond where Boots liked to lay in the sun. Planted some flowers around it.
I think it is awesome you are adopting a Tabby in Ninas honor. That new kitty will be so blessed to have a loving home, and you will see Ninas in your new fur baby.
Let me know how everything goes.
janice helton
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Yes, I bought a pink perennial flower plant the day I buried Nina.

Dominic is frightened and will take a long time to warm up to humans if at all. Nina was so different. But she was adult and domesticated when I found her as a stray. Nina was near death when I found her, not sure if that’s why the bond was so strong, on both of our parts, but me more attached to her than she was to me!

The statue must look nice by your pond. Good thoughts of Boots. . .

The journey continues after they are gone buts it’s a little sadder . . .

Rest In Peace 🐾
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