Hi, i'm Michael
I'm a 19-year old boy, and yesterday i lost my cat, Candy.
I'm from Italy, so I apologize in advance for my level of english.
Yesterday we chose to take Candy to the vet because she din't want to drink or eat for a couple days. We got immediately worried because all of her brothers and sisters died of the same disease brought upon them by their mother, who died of said disease.
The vet. examined her and found out she had cancer and there was no way to save her.
We chose to euthanise her, without saying goodbye to her for the last time.
And this is what makes me feel sad, angry and nervous.
I couldn't handle seeing her for the last time, so i chose not to see her for the last time before letting her go.
Overall, it just seems all so sudden because she looked okay to me, she was always caring and would always look for me and my mom wherever we were, even when we were sleeping.
I'm just finding difficult to handle the grief, even though the other times with the other cats (we had 10 cats in 10 or more years) didn't shake me this much.
I think it could be because now i see life in a different way, and so death.
I thought i would have been ok right away like the other times something like this happened, but i don't think the wound in my heart will heal very soon.
I'm trying to think of all the good memories i had with her and we shared together, but it looks like it just makes me more sad for now.
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Hi Michael,
I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet Candy. What a beautiful cat she is! I loss my 19 year old cat a month and 5 days and it is still very very hard on me! I know it is hard right now to think of the good memories. Give yourself time to cry, cry, and more crying. The greiving process is so hard. Like me, I've had many cats that passed away and this is the hardest one. Please keep writing your feelings here. Write her a letter here. By me writing here has helped me tremendously. There are alot of pet loving animals here that will support you. We understand your pain. You are not alone. Let us know how you are doing. Hugs
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Hi Michael,

I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry Candy's gone. She looks beautiful in the picture. Her death just happened, it's all still raw. I too didn't get to say goodbye to my baby (different circumstances) but the ache in my heart remains.

It's possible you're handling her death differently bcs you are older and see life and death through different eyes now. Or maybe Candy held a stronger place in your heart. It's ok to cry for her, to miss her deeply. Continue to post as you work out the feelings. This is a good place. We're all here mourning the death of a beloved pet. You're in the right place.
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