Today is a year to the day I put my wonderful, precious girl down.  A lot has happened in a year.  It took months for me to stop walking around in a daze.  I never knew I could love an animal that deeply and I think it was because she bonded with me.  We had a wonderful life together for 15yrs.  After the pain subsided(somewhat) and I could think clearly. I realized how blessed I was to have had her for 15 yrs and the day I cried because I was thankful for her and not because I missed her.  I think that was the day my heart started to heal.  My little baby showed me and taught me what unconditional love was.  
After losing my sweet little girl, my heart broke in a way that changed me forever.  I am not sure I can ever love another furbaby the way I loved Cassie.  
But, I can tell I love differently now.  I have since adopted 3 cats. (2 of them were strays) and I amaze myself at the love and patience I shower them with.  I really like the person I am now because of my sweet little Cassie girl.  I will always miss her and remember all the wonderful years we spent together.
I hope you are in a wonderful place and are at peace.  I can't wait to see you when my time comes.  I can't wait to hold you and kiss you.

I love you my baby girl,
Beatrice Eaton
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Dear Beatrice,

I am so, so sorry for the loss of your precious Cassie, she sounds like a wonderful girl who gave you so much over the years. I truly touched by your comment on how you cried recently out of thankfulness and how that brought comfort and a bit of healing to your broken heart, reading that brought such warmth to my own heart, thank you for sharing that with us here.

You wrote so many wonderful and beautiful things about your sweet Cassie, truly touching to read, and that you have found the strength to open your heart and home to three new cats is so absolutely amazing, such a beautiful way to honor your precious Cassie.

Thank you for sharing your girl with us here, I post this candle in honor of your sweet Cassie and her one year Angelversary, may your wonderful heart always know and feel the pure love and light that is your Cassie, sending peace, healing and positive thoughts your way.

Sincerely, Don, Vera and forever our little Bella

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