Four months ago I had to let go of my kitty Finnigan. Tonight we lost his sister Casey.

For the past two years Casey was battling diabetes, it has been so hard to regulate her, we had some scares along the way. The insuilin didn’t agree with her liver I thought we would lose her then. She was a tough cookie putting up with needles twice a day and monthly trips to the vet.

Over the last couple of weeks she had been getting worse and I knew it was coming close to time for her. She couldn’t put any weight on but had a healthy appetite.

My husband woke me up tonight to let me know she had passed. No matter how much I had been preparing for this day doesn’t make this hurt any less. I am trying to think about how now she gets to be with her brother again but I want her to be with me.

Casey was 15 years old and she will always be my baby girl.

My heart is still healing from when I lost Finnigan and the brokenness is back.

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Losing both your kitties has to be so heartbreaking. I know the brokenness you are feeling. I lost my two dogs one month apart and the pain is like no other I have ever felt. You are not even close to healed from one loss and now you have to deal with another. The longing to have them back is exhausting. Like you said, now Casey is with her brother Finnigan, like my Max and Bailey are together as they wait for us to be reunited with them again forever. Know that I am thinking about you and your babies. Hugs.
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All I can say is I’m sorry. These compounded losses are something I haven’t had to face and I just can’t imagine it happening so close as with you and Marlen. My heart hurts for you both. I’m glad u found ur way here it’s helpful to be around those who understand and care, be good to you,,,,,
Lynn, Tankie’s mom, forever
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