I found my boy Raiden at an animal shelter over 13 years ago, and he soon became my best friend. He was such a loyal friend, he loved to fetch milk rings and would wait for the mail man and pull the mail out of the slot and bring it to me. I was living with a girlfriend at the time we got him, it was actually her idea to get a second cat. The human relationship ended and she told Me Raiden could go with me because ihe seamed attached to me. As we moved on he was crying a lot and I almost gave him back because I felt he missed our other cat. Long story short he stayed with me.

I feel he saved my soul, carrying me through all the hard times in my life. He would greet me at the door every day with a loving head but. He would sleep with me at night and get up with me in the morning, wait by the bathroom door for me and then we would go down stairs together for treats. He loved to climb on my chest and need on my arms.

About four years ago he got sick and would not eat, I almost lost him at that time. I think I drove the vet nuts because I itook him back 4 times in a week to make sure he was taken care of.

He was always a big boy but had started thinning out. Didn't worry too much because he actually seamed to be more active then before.

Over the weekend he seamed to be slowing down a bit, but he was still begging for food like he always did so I thought he was okay. I worked a double split shift Friday during the day and back in @7pm till 7am and slept Saturday afternoon. We had graduation stuff on Sunday. Being so busy I don't think I really registered he was in need. Monday he was a little slower but made his way upstairs and we cuddled in bed, and he seamed very content laying in my arms. He seamed fine :(

I planed to take him to the vet Wednesday, sad to say he took his last breath in my arms Tuesday night. It was quick although he did give a couple short meows as if he was fighting to stay. I am glade that I could be there for him but now that last meow and his head arching back haunts me.

I am devastated, I now feel like a lost soul. I have my wife and 2.5 year old son with me but my house still feels empty. I keep looking for him, I especially miss him greeting me at the door with his loving head but

Of course I feel great guilt because I feel like I didn't react fast enough, his decline was so fast it caught me off guard.

I know this sorrow I feel is the price we pay for love.
Until we meet again in the clearing at the end of the path.
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Hi, First, I need to say that I think it was so nice you rescued Raiden 13 years ago, and I'm sure he knew how loved he was. He must have been so comforted that he was in your arms when he passed. I know it's very difficult though. We had to let our little shihtzu, Bailey (also a rescue) go in November and he had his head in my hand when the vet put in that final injection. I will always remember feeling the tension go out of his head and realizing he was gone. I wouldn't change it though because I know it is where he wanted to be and I'm sure that is where your Raiden wanted to be when he crossed over.
I'm so sorry for your loss!
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Thank you for the kind words, I always dreaded him leaving me. As my wife says, it was his time. He gave me such joy and I can't help feeling like a let him Down. As I have been reading about greaving pets it sounds like feeling guilt or what if's are some of the feelings after a loss of a pet.

We had to relieve our dog of his pain a few months back. He was my wife pet before we married, although I was sad it didn't hit me like losing Raiden.

Sorry for your loss as well.
Until we meet again in the clearing at the end of the path.
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My condolences on the loss of your beloved Raiden. It sounds like you gave him a good life and a lot of love you can be proud of that!
Take Care,
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So sorry for your pain and your loss of Raiden. He went downhill so rapidly and it must be a terrible shock. I'm glad you found this forum to help you.  Hugs to you <3
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Sorry for your loss.
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I am very sorry your loss of Raiden.. Years ago  I had a Maine Coon Cat who would also head butt.   I myself was blind to my Winstons symptoms.  I can only hope I caught them in time to spare him any further suffering.  You did all you could for your Raiden.  It was just his time.

All of us here have some sort of guilt, even if we went beyond our duties for our pets.  I have a lot of guilt about my Winston because i didn't have the money for a lot of testing.  I saw he was suffering and getting old.  I have accepted I did the right thing in helping him out of his suffering and misery.  You are very lucky to have your Raiden pass in your arms.  Don't feel guilty for anything.  Life is hectic, and we don't always realize we aren't spending enough time with our pets.  I wish you peace.  Sue
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I just wanted to add my condolences in the loss of your beloved Raiden. It is so difficult losing a pet that you are so very close to. Peace.
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Thank you Sue! Sorry for the loss of Winston.

Thank you all for helping me with my feelings of guilt, not completely gone but i am now feeling the pain from his loss more than feeling guilt.( doesn't sound like a good thing but it is)   When i feel up to it i plan on putting a collage of pictures together to remember him by, i made one for my wife in December when we had our dog put to sleep.

I did pretty good at work today, still felt lost but it was better. I dread coming home, just the sight of my house makes me want to turn around. I just can't get over how empty it feels, even with 2 other inside cats and a stray that stays with us during the day. I think they know things are different because our black cat is now spending a lot of time with us and me. Being that Raiden was the Alpha male and i was only for him to love they stayed out of the way.

Raiden Love (1024 x 764).jpg 
Until we meet again in the clearing at the end of the path.
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