FBCBA357-A20B-400D-A946-ED53F807539C.jpeg  After two weeks of him being gone, I finally received glens ashes. I’ve been dreading it since he passed, probably because it’s confirmation that I won’t ever see him again. I do feel a little bit of comfort knowing he is finally back where he belongs, but I have sobbed my heart out the whole day. It’s finally sunk in that he is gone and won’t be coming back. Until today, I have been living in complete denial, thinking he would come back at some point. I miss everything about him, all I want is to give him cuddles and pets just one last time. I’m trying to think more positive thoughts and reassure my self that he is no longer in any pain and him being put to sleep was for the best. It was just so painful to let him go. I’ll always keep a little candle burning for him, and hope that he is now at peace and running around freely. Have fun in the rainbow bridge my precious boy ❤️🌈

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Dear Lindsay,
glad you have your boy back home with you. I know its hard when you were in denial but happy that you do find comfort that he’s back. 
Lynn, Peter’s mom 
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I found it comforting getting my boy Monty back my beautiful Maine Coon me he is you said where he belongs.

Ellen Hague
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Ruby came home to us last Thursday after leaving us on the 4th of July. It is sad but also good to have her home. She is right next to her best buddy , Joker who left us Memorial Day 2019. We must have had patriotic dogs but they were Dobermans who had quite a history in WW II. Rest easy to all.
David becak
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